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Guest post by Author Alicia McCalla, who knows a thing or two about the Obayifo, a vampire-like creature from West African folklore.

On a warm June evening, my hubby and I were returning from the grocery store. I used the controller to open the garage and he drove our tiny Toyota inside. We were chit chatting like usual. While he popped the trunk, I reached over and kissed his cheek. I love and adore him, after all.

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Well, when he clicked his door open, I heard growling. RRrr.. Rrrr.

My hubby said, “What the—“

Since he was my knight in gym shoe armor, he leapt out of the car and raced towards the sounds to see what was happening.

The goddess called to me. “Call forth your war swords!”

What? I didn’t know what to do. I mean, was I crazy?

The car windows filled with small symbols. Drums, Ferns, and Sankofa Birds… And, war drums rumbled. Freaky!

“Adinkra symbols are for your protection, to warn you!” Nana Buluku, great mother, and caretaker of the three parallel universes explained.

She demanded. “Alicia, you are descendant from an African priestess. Call forth your war swords!”

Umm. You don’t have to tell me twice! I closed my eyes, opened my hands and called my swords.


An electrified force rattled my body and when I re-opened my eyes, two war swords materialized and gosh, they were exquisite. My own Akofena war swords, machetes with a green hue and solid gold handles.

I kicked my car door open and ran behind my hubby. I knew what he was up against and my Bae needed my help. I rounded the corner of our backyard.

My husband was surrounded by three men. He held his own, swinging knuckles and knocking one of them down but these dudes, would not go down easy.

My stomach somersaulted.

I tossed him one of my swords. He caught it and started hacking.


The former Marine in me went into action, screaming a deadly battle cry.

Two men whipped around. At first, they looked normal. Dressed as bikers, leather pants, spiky hair and even spikier outfits but my vision flashed green and they morphed in front of my eyes. Sweet Jesus!

Elongated teeth, mouths peppered with puss-filled lesions and they drooled. Yuck!

Obayifos, demons. The goddess whispered in my mind. They must be stopped!
The beasts with clawed hands charged. I raised my left hand and a ball of green energy materialized then lifted my war sword and the backyard battle began. No way these demons would survive! No way!

ObayifoI’d like to thank Kirsten for allowing me to be a guest on her blog. If you enjoy reading about different supernatural creatures then stop by my blog and check out my African Elemental series. The series mixes West African and Norse mythology. Would you like to receive Origins of an African Elemental: A Dark Fantasy Boxed Set for free? If so, feel free to sign-up for my subscriber’s list. Here’s a link:
On my blog, I’m always talking about controversial issues related to diversity in scifi, fantasy, and paranormal. I also share my thoughts about the imaginative worlds I create that mix race, class, and gender issues. As a former Marine, I love writing stories with heroines who fight back sometimes to the death.

What about you? Do you enjoy multicultural paranormal worlds? I’d love to hear from you.

About the Author

Alicia McCallaAlicia McCalla is a native of Detroit, Michigan, who currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She works as a school librarian and enjoys traveling as well as spending time with her husband and son. Visit Alicia at: to sign-up for e-updates, giveaways, and sneak peeks of her upcoming novels.


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