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gateway to hell

7 Gateways to Hell

How to reach the underworld? The Dallol sulfur fields in Ethiopia’s Danakil Depression may be one gateway. At least, the locals think so, and it doesn’t take a great leap of the imagination to see why they call it “the Devil’s Seat.” Share this on Facebook>>> But this depression of bubbling acid doesn’t lead you to a benign, Hades-ruled underworld. It’s hellish. And while I don’t normally go for photo-essays on this blog, the spectacular nature of this supposed gateway to hell made me bend the rules. If diving through pools of sulfuric acid aren’t your preferred method for a cathonic journey, you can check out some of these other reputed underworld gateways: Fengdu, China: Believed to be a way-station on the road to the afterlife, Fengdu became known as the Ghost City during the Eastern Han Dynasty. Later, a spectacular temple was erected there, depicting life in hell. Mount Hekla, Iceland: Another active volcano, Mount Hekla began to be known as a gateway to hell after a particularly ferocious eruption in the 12th century. Hieropolis, …

philadelphia ghost tour

Ghost Walk: Philadelphia

In honor of Independence Day, a ghost walk through Philadelphia!  This one takes about 45 minutes, not including a stop in the City Tavern for food, ale, and air conditioning.  Standard disclaimers apply – some of these places are public, others private, but don’t expect to go running inside these places to conduct ghost hunts without prior permission.  1) Start at Christ Church Cemetery Tomb near corner of Fifth and Arch (entrance on Arch between Fifth and Fourth) Story: Though the cemetery may be closed, you can still get a peek at one of its most famous resident’s grave. Benjamin Franklin’s grave may be viewed through the fence on Arch, near the corner of Fifth Street. You’ll likely see pennies scattered across the grave – many visitors leave pennies there to commemorate his famous saying, “A penny saved, is a penny earned.” However, the Colonial hero may be getting weary of the joke. Visitors have reported having pennies thrown back at them by a ghostly force. Manifestation: Pennies thrown at visitors by an invisible force. …