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Book Spotlight: Surrendering to the Beast

To celebrate the upcoming release of Surrendering to the Beast, Tina is giving away FIVE full-length, bestselling, award-winning romances to one lucky winner – 25 titles to choose from. SURRENDERING TO THE BEAST (Book Two – Taming the Beast series) Erotic Paranormal – Romantic Comedy by Tina Donahue Amazon – Samhain – BN Available for pre-order September 13 Ready to read October 13 Blurb: When she’s good, she’s very good. But when he’s bad, she’s better. Taming the Beast, Book 2 As a good fairy, Heather is empathetic and chaste to a fault. No bad language, no dirty thoughts, flirting and no sex. But when a satyr named Daemon steps up to her reception desk at From Crud to Stud, she finds herself on the fast track to exquisite corruption. Daemon is the total bad-boy package with a kiss straight from the dark side. Though he’s here for a supernatural makeover, Heather can’t imagine why any red-blooded woman would want him to change. A disciple of the god of wine, Daemon has had his share …

Katlyn Conrad Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf: Cover Reveal

Share this on Facebook>>>   Coming July 1st, Lone Wolf, a novella by Katlyn Conrad Pub Date: 7/1/2015 Line: Twilight Theme(s): Shapeshifter Series: Shamans and Shifters Series #: 3 Book length: Novella. Book 3 in the Shamans and Shifters series. About the Book A San Francisco homicide detective with a secret. Christy Pavenic is a werewolf with the strength and speed to make it in her macho police precinct. But when her power takes a turn to the dark side, she suspects she might be the killer responsible for a series of savage homicides she’s been called to investigate. FBI agent Jason Shepherd is hard on the trail of a serial killer whose kills mimic animal attacks. A specialist in the paranormal, Jason hides a secret of his own—he can see the true nature of werewolves in their human form, and he’s certain one is at the bottom of the killings. Battling both suspicion and attraction, the two must work together to solve the crime. Sizzling desire wars with distrust as they race to stop …

Katlyn Conrad

Shaman’s Bane: Excerpt

Book Two in the Shamans and Shifters series, Shaman’s Bane, will now be available on May 6th! Share this on Facebook>>> Title: Shaman’s Bane Author: Katlyn Conrad Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Genre: PNR/Erotica Book Length: Novella Excerpt Chapter One Suppressing a shiver, Katherine pocketed the Bible. This was the first funeral she’d presided over. She was neither a minister nor particularly religious and felt inadequate, a fraud. Who was she to help the werewolf pack through their leader’s death? Their new shaman, that’s who. Her stomach wormed. What had she gotten herself into? She touched the leather-bound book in her pocket. The Bible had surprised her, but according to his son, pack leader Shaw had requested a Christian service. His coffin lay on brass rails above a cut in the earth. The mourners stood on a hillock around it. Droplets of fog leaked down the brass, dampened Katherine’s black pea coat, her blond hair, her low-heeled shoes. Her gaze slid to the widow Lucinda, pale and drawn in a tight black dress. Coils of blond flowed …

Alyson Conrad

Texas Lightning: Cover Reveal

Texas Lightning by Alyson Conrad A story set in the world of the Guardians of the Gifted series Hot on the trail of the manufacturer of a deadly new drug, Texas Ranger Andrea Sellers is not happy about babysitting a visiting cop from Michigan. Especially since he’s a former lover who doesn’t seem to remember that she ever existed. Share this on Facebook>>> Chase McGovern, an undercover paranormal investigator posing as a Detroit cop, is also seeking the source of the drug because it strips supernaturals of their powers. Keeping his true purpose a secret isn’t easy when he’s partnered with the smart and sexy Texan—and keeping his hands off her is impossible. All it takes is one dinner to charge up their old electricity in bed and out, but will a killer take away their second chance at love? A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave Follow Alyson on Twitter @Alyson_Conrad

A Thief’s Heart: Review

Alyson Conrad does it again, this time showing she can write funny AND sexy. Share this on Facebook>>> Amanda Sullivan is an archivist with the Anagogic Research Council (ARC), a paranormal research facility with a covert law enforcement mission. When a priceless artifact goes missing, everyone thinks she’s lost it. She knows it’s been stolen. But who can she trust to help her get it back? The story grabbed me from page one. Its vivid, fast-paced, and did I mention funny? I totally want to work in those archives. It’s an Ellora’s Cave novella, so the heat level is HOT (i.e. it’s erotica). The faint-hearted need not apply. This is a great read for anyone who wants a fun, high-octane, sexy adventure. And since it’s a novella, it’s sort of instant gratification. It also left me wanting more, but I hear she’s got a third book in her ARC series coming out in April, so we won’t have long to wait. 5 Stars! About the Book A story set in the world of the Guardians …

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Hunter Betrayed: Review

Title: Hunter Betrayed Author: Length: Novella Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Genre: Paranormal Erotica Baddies from the fairy world are trying to break into our own, and only a brutalized demi-god and a half-fae/half-human can stop them. If… Of course, the if is what builds the tension. Can the heroine learn to trust? Can our hero learn to go a little deeper emotionally? I loved that the premise of this story was based on the legend of the Wild Hunt, a group of spectral huntsmen said to roam during the Christmas season. If a mortal crosses their path, their choice is to join or die. Hunter Betrayed tweaks the legend, and makes the hunt a sort of supernatural force for justice, keeping the evil fairies in check. Nice. There’s some violence in this novella and since it’s an Ellora’s Cave erotica, explicit sex. In fact, the book felt more erotic than romantic. When I started reading, the book had the feel more of a fantasy novel than a paranormal, more grounded in the supernatural than the “real world,” …


Leopold’s Wicked Embrace

Léopold’s Wicked Embrace Immortals of New Orleans, Book 5 Seductive and lethal vampire, Léopold Devereoux, returns to the Big Easy to find a killer. His search leads him to a beautiful and mysterious woman, who awakens desires and emotions that he’s long fought to keep buried. After centuries of self-imposed solitude, the billionaire philanthropist struggles to restrain his growing thirst for the intriguing, lovely female who’s captured his attention. Laryssa Theriot, an antiques proprietor in the Vieux Carré, agrees to help the commanding yet debonair stranger, who seeks her assistance. She withholds her secret abilities, afraid to trust the man who threatens to unleash her darkest fantasies. All the while, Léopold consumes her thoughts, testing her erotic limits and bringing her to new levels of ecstasy. As the menacing force that has stalked Laryssa for years finally catches up to her, she submits, putting her life into the hands of the dominant vampire who offers his protection. Deep in the heart of New Orleans, they embark on a perilous adventure, forced to search for an …