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Interview with Amy Allan and Steve DiSchiavi of the Dead Files

Guest post by Abby Normal. Reprinted with permission from her blog. On Saturday, April 25, The Dead Files returns for its 7th season.  The Dead Files is a paranormal investigation show with a twist. Steve DiSchiavi is a retired New York homicide investigator that is paired up with Amy Allan who is a physical medium. Steve DiSchiavi researches the facts and history behind the selected location and Amy Allan talks to the dead to understand the paranormal activity directly from the source. This season the team leaves the United States for their first investigation at a tropical resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica. To find out more about season 7 we join Steve and Amy with a group of inquisitive reporters. Steve DiSchiavi:   Hi guys. Yes, the season premiere is pretty exciting for us because we’ve never been out of the country doing an episode. This one was in Montego Bay, Jamaica which is pretty exciting because I’ve never been there. I heard a lot of spooky stuff about Jamaica, but I didn’t realize they had …


Steve Di Schiavi Enhances the Dead Files

Guest post by Abby Normal. Reprinted with permission from her blog. For 4 seasons retired NYPD homicide detective Steve Di Schiavi and his partner Amy Allan have starred together on The Dead Files. It is an investigative series that goes where no other paranormal show goes. Steve Di Schiavi investigates claims of paranormal activity from a detective’s point of view. Amy Allan goes to the source. She talks directly to the dead. After they both investigate, they meet the clients and reveal what they have found. Now Steve joins me to talk about his life and more on The Dead Files. Abby: Steve, let me start out by saying thank you for your life of service. First as a Marine, defending our country. Then as a police officer, homicide detective, and now… How would you describe how you’re helping people now? Steve: That’s a really good question. It’s different, obviously. I’m not dealing with a murder victim’s family. It almost has the same satisfaction because I’m kind of bringing them peace or, at some point, …


Amy Allan of the Dead Files is Extraordinary

Guest post by Abby Normal. Reprinted with permission from her blog. Today’s interview is with Amy Allan from the TV show The Dead Files. The Dead Files is an investigative TV show dealing with the paranormal. Amy’s partner, Steve Di Schiavi is a retired New York City homicide detective. Steve does the research into the background of the people and property of the haunted location. Amy Allan talks directly to the spirits and entities to get the details. After Steve and Amy complete their investigations they meet with the client and reveal their results to the client and each other. Amy Allan’s psychic abilities are astounding! That is why both believers and nonbelievers tune in to The Dead Files week after week. Let’s get to know more about Amy Allan from Amy herself. Abby: Can we start with your background? Amy: Okay. Abby: Where were you born? Amy: Denver, Colorado Abby: Did you grow up there? Amy: I lived there until I was between 12 and 14. Then I moved to Long Island, New York. …