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The Feng Shui/Abundance Connection

feng shui abundance

Is there a mind/body connection?  Can how you think help you manifest abundance?  If you said “yes” to both of the above, then the mystical art of Feng Shui may be for you.

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More than just furniture arrangement and wind chimes, Feng Shui is an ancient philosophy dating back in China to roughly 2000 BCE.  It involves bringing the energy in one’s environment into harmonious alignment with one’s personal energy.  How that energy circulates and how much energy is circulating, will affect the inhabitant’s mental and physical well-being, alongside their ability to manifest good fortune.  For example, if there is too much light (a form of energy) in a room it can cause distractions and headaches – not enough, and depression or eye strain may be the result.  Balanced lighting, which lifts one’s energy rather than depleting it, will enable you to focus on the task at hand.

feng shui abundanceAre you interested in more ways to use Feng Shui and generate abundance in your life?  Read on!

First, de-clutter your environment.  “But I like my mess!  I know where everything is,” you cry.  That may be so, but a disorderly environment sends a subconscious message to yourself and to everyone else who sees it.  That message is: out of control.  Abundance creators are not out of control – they’re in control of themselves and their environments.  Clutter is a drain on your energy.

Next, maintain a steady, positive energy flow.  There are many types of energy operating in your environment.  However, for the purposes of this article we’ll concentrate on three – the flow of light, air, and people.

Light:  Use natural lighting as much as possible.  No man-made lighting is as uplifting as the power of the sun.  But ensure that you’re not being dazzled with too much light.  If you find yourself squinting or experiencing headaches, use curtains when the sun is angled toward your windows, or cut back on your fluorescents.  Similarly, make sure you have enough light.  A dimly lit room lowers the energy levels and your capacity to work.

Light also manifests through the color spectrum, and different colors will have different psychological and emotional affects on people over the long-term.  In the end, you should surround yourself with colors that are appealing to you.  However, bringing some red tones such as red, orange, purple, pink, and deep yellow into your environment will psychologically energize your space and particularly your career efforts.  Likewise, grey and white bring enhanced precision and efficiency to your work.

People:  While you can’t always choose the people you work with (or for), you can control how they move through your environment.  If your desk is placed so that people are walking behind you, you not only lose privacy but there is a subconscious build-up of stress.  Position your desk so that there is a wall or something stable that ensures privacy behind you.

Bottom line? When your environment supports you, your mood and mindset will change for the better. That’s when you start manifesting abundance.


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