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On Sale for 99 Cents thru July 1st

The Mannequin Offensive Kirsten WeissMy newest urban fantasy/suspense novel, The Mannequin Offensive, launches July 1st. It’s available now for pre-order for 99 cents. On July 2nd, the price goes up!

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Here’s the blurb:

After an overseas assignment goes bad, all Rocky Bridges wants is out of the global security business. No more personal protection gigs. No more jaunts to third world countries. No more managing wayward contractors. But when her business partner is killed, Rocky must investigate her own company and clients.

Rocky’s no PI, but she’s always trusted her instincts. Knife-wielding mobsters, sexy insurance investigators, and a Russian-model turned business partner are all in a day’s work. But her inner voice has developed a mind of its own, and she finds herself questioning her sanity as well as reality as she knows it. Rocky can’t trust those around her. Can she trust herself?

The Mannequin Offensive is a fast-paced novel of mystery and suspense with a hint of magic.


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