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Thank you for having me on your blog! I’m Victoria C. Johnson, the author of Skin of a Goddess. I would love to discuss goddesses, a central part of my book, with you!

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Who wouldn’t want to be a goddess? They’re powerful, beautiful, and have the world in their hands. They don’t play by normal paranormal rules; they’re above the law. They have specific abilities as well as certain capabilities as immortals. Goddess are stronger, faster, can use compulsion, and shape shift. The only thing that makes a goddess worry is the man of her dreams.

Peitho is the Goddess of Seduction and Persuasion. She and her group of seven goddess friends have been thick as thieves for the past couple millennia. They’ve always been loners, outcasts, and so single they’re practically old maids. They don’t necessarily fit in back home in Olympus, being minor goddesses they have real problems with responsibility. Peitho and her seven friends have recently been chosen as Immortal Representatives. They will serve as representatives to other supernatural creatures on earth.

The goddesses aren’t used to being trusted leaders or peacekeeping delegates. As the highest creature on the supernatural food chain, their new purpose on earth is to oversee others and resolve conflicts. Their collective gifts include seduction/persuasion, sloth, ruthlessness/shamelessness, deceit, lawlessness, mad rage, war, and retribution. Their reception to the supernatural community is understandably mixed.

Peitho has always had a hard time being taken seriously, even amongst her own kind. Being the Goddess of Seduction and Persuasion, she’s always been seen as a vapid party girl. She has a hard time controlling her impulse to attract those around her while still being herself. Although she loves seducing or persuading those around her, that’s not all she wants to be. She certainly doesn’t want to be looked down on for it. Peitho has spent her entire life proving that being a goddess doesn’t define her, she defines it.

I hope you look forward in discovering more about goddesses in my book, Skin of a Goddess!



Skin of a Goddess

Goddess Ascension

Book One

Victoria C. Johnson

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Date of Publication: April 18, 2016

ISBN: 978-0-9973433-0-4

Number of pages: 253

Word Count: 78,311

Cover Artist: Deranged Doctor Design

Book Description:

Goddesses just want to have fun, right?

Peitho’s first job as an Immortal Representative means slumming it at the Shifter Convention, where shifters and supernaturals will be meeting to discuss concerns and build relations. She’s sure it’s going to be boring—all they have to complain about is fleas and territory.

Wait . . . is that a dragon?

Obsessive is a strong word.

Hunter thinks Peitho would make a great addition to his hoard of treasure. Dragons are famously acquisitive; how is he supposed to ignore her? Everyone always says it’s bad to fight your nature.

When shifters begin disappearing from the convention, and bodies quickly appearing, Peitho and Hunter have no choice but to investigate. Will Hunter and Peitho manage to solve the crime while still keeping their hearts intact?

Available at Amazon

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authorAbout the Author:

Victoria C. Johnson lives in Michigan with her supportive husband and amazing family. She became serious about her passion for writing shortly after having her daughter. As someone who strongly believes in doing what makes you happy, she decided to follow her own advice. She loves writing almost as much as she loves reading. Victoria adores happy endings, heartfelt characters, and extraordinary situations. She hopes to bring a little more of that to life every day.



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