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5 Mantras to Boost Your Magick

mantra magick

If everything’s all in your head, then to get the magical results you want, you need to get your head straight. This is actually a HUGE issue, involving understanding your subconscious desires, your deepest fears, and your shadow. Because the unconscious magic you cast can be terribly effective. And unhelpful – to you and others.

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So, for your entertainment and consideration, below are seven mantras designed to help clear up certain areas where you’d like to improve. If some of these mantras bring up resistance, they might be pointing to an area where shadow work may be helpful.

I forgive others, and I forgive myself.

1)I forgive others, and I forgive myself. Why: The pissed off, festering witch is the witch who’s unconsciously casting negative spells at others. And there’s a good chance they’re coming home to roost. Forgive.

mantra magick

2) Lovingkindness to me. Peace be to me. Joy and happiness be to me. Lovingkindness to [name of someone you love]. Peace to [same name]. Joy and happiness to [same name]. Lovingkindness to [someone you feel neutral toward]. Peace to [same person]. Joy and happiness to [same person]. Lovingkindness to [someone who really pisses you off]. Peace to [same person]. Joy and happiness to [same person]. Lovingkindness to me. Peace be to me. Joy and happiness be to me. Why: Same reason as #1. This mantra works best if you can visualize the people you’re thinking of as utterly, over-the-moon happy.

mantra magick

3) I honor my spirit and trust my intuition. Why: Listening to that little voice is a key witchy skill, and one that’s too easy to ignore.

mantra magic

4) It is always now. Why: Being present is another one of those little-talked-about spellcasting skills. Boost this mantra by actually being present. Pay attention to the weight of your body in the chair, the feel of your breath moving in and out.

mantra magic

5) I am whole. I am magick. I am worthy of love and joy. I am capable of change. Why: Too often, shame (defined here as a feeling of unworthiness, badness, and general not-good-enoughness, and not to be confused with guilt) holds us back from our magick. If you don’t know that these are feelings that everyone has, and they’re nonsense, you’ll never have any control over your magick.

Bonus video! A nice discussion on using mantras in magick in general and working the chakras with mantras.

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Kirsten WeissKirsten Weiss is the author of  the Riga Hayworth series of paranormal mystery novels. Her first cozy mystery, The Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum, is available for pre-order now.



  1. I needed this. The wonderful thing is that right now the universe is definitely gifting me with positive people, positive, inspirational posts like this one, and motivation to go after things that make me a better person and build my skills in the things I love. Thanks Kirsten! 🙂

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