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ParaNormal This Week! Jan 1, 2016

Happy New Year, paranormal fans! Here’s the first weekly roundup for 2016… Which is actually all about the last paranormal news of 2015… Whatever.

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1)Ghostbusters and women! A nice article on women in the ghostly profession(s), riffing off the new “female” Ghostbusters movie (and including the first picture I’ve seen from it, but maybe I haven’t been paying enough attention).

2) And speaking of ghostbusters, an article on the ghostbusting industry in India. (The paranormal is everywhere).

3) Not sure how to get 2016 off on the right foot? Here are 13 New Year’s superstitions to choose from.

4) If one of your resolutions is more Tarot in your life, an article on making Tarot part of your daily routine.

5) So Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Dr. Strange in… something Marvel. EW’s interviewed the actor, and learned how Tibetan monks inspired him to take on the mystical role.

It's a new role!


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