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ParaNormal This Week: Dec. 25th

paranormal news

Merry Christmas and here’s to another week of paranormal news!

1)As a fan of both Tomb Raider and the Russian witch, Baba Yaga, I had to post this one. Apparently, the next Tomb Raider game is Baba Yaga themed, and there’ve been some leaks.

2) And in more entertainment news, an article on the new paranormal BBC drama, Harry Price: Ghosthunter, which sounds super cool. I wonder when we’ll be able to watch it in the US?

Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, CA

Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, CA

3) I’m not sure how I missed that the Winchester Mystery house goes all out for Christmas, but somehow, I did. So you don’t, here’s the article.

4) Looking for spirits with you, er, spirits? Actually, I don’t think wine is technically considered a spirit, but if you’re in Napa for wine tasting, you can now add a ghost tour to your visit. I totally need to do this.

5) Ghosthunter Jason Hawes discusses paranormal investigations and a life-changing experience from his childhood.

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