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Spellcasting in Silk: Review

spellcasting in silk

Juliet Blackwell’s newest edition to her witch mystery series, Spellcasting in Silk, is an enchanting romp through the magic of San Francisco’s curandera and voodoo communities.

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Juliet’s not just a writer — she’s a crack researcher — and this cozy mystery really opens up the world of curandera. I learned a lot from this book.

But it’s also just plain fun. The witchy heroine’s familiar is a half-gargoyle who transforms himself into a potbellied pig.

Lily’s contact at the SFPD has brought her in to check out a curandera shop where the owner was arrested and the inventory seems to have a mind of its own. Did the curandera induce a woman to commit suicide? Or is there more going on than meets the eye?

If you like some paranormal with your mystery and are looking for a fun weekend read, Spellcasting in Silk might be right up your alley.

-Kirsten Weiss



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