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ParaNormal This Week: Nov. 20, 2015

magic rowan tree

It’s another sennight of paranormal, and this week we quickly take a turn for the trashy.

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1)So… spectrophilia (sex with ghosts). I guess it’s a thing (and my word of the day). Heads up, paranormal romance writers!

2) And here’s some click bait for you — 10 Things You Should Know Before Dating Someone Who Believes in the Paranormal.

Or that could happen.

Or that could happen.

3) Universities may have given up on parapsychology, but now they’re studying the ghost hunters themselves.

4) Archaeologists in Italy have uncovered what they believe are the remains of a witch, known as the “witch girl.”

5) Why is the rowan tree magical? A nice article on the elevation of the rowan tree on Ancient Origins.


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