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ParaNormal This Week: Nov. 13

paranormal news

Happy Friday the 13th! An excellent day to review a week of paranormal news, though things seem a little bit since the high-paranormal shenanigans of the Halloween season.

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1)According to one UK astrologer, this Friday the 13th will be a great day for supernatural manifestations. Not such a great day if you suffer from triskaidekaphobia.

2) If you’ve read my books or been paying much attention to this blog, you might have an inkling that I’ve got a thing for shamanism. It doesn’t hurt that a good friend of mine was born into the Hungarian shamanic tradition. So when I saw this article on shamanism from the Carpathians, I got excited. It’s a little dense, but very cool. And now I see it actually wasn’t published within the last week. It’s worth sharing anyway.

3) Did the Salem witch trials hinder the introduction of vaccines in America? You’ll never guess how…

4) DC is apparently coming out with a deck of Justice League Tarot cards. I’m not sure about this concept, but I do like the Joker as the Tower card.

twilight5) And finally, there’s a new supernatural series coming to Hulu: The Rook. Why do we care? Because a) it’s Hulu, and they’ve done some edgy stuff, and b) Twilight’s Stephanie Meyer is working on the project. Let’s just hope there’s no sparkling.


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