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UFOs and the West


“She’d forgotten about the old bullet wound. It wasn’t even the worst one she owned, which made her stop and wonder if she wanted to show him the rest.

“Really?” she demanded, resting her hands on her hips and masking awkwardness with bravado. “I’m sitting here three quarters undressed and you notice a bullet hole first?”” ~ Pale Moon Walking

Hi everyone!

Before we get started, I’d like to thank you for having me here today. I love to talk about myself and my work, not necessarily in that order, unless I’ve been drinking. Then the order doesn’t matter because it’s not going to make any sense.

My name is Paula Altenburg, and Pale Moon Walking is my eighth paranormal romance.  The premise is fun. It’s got elements of historical western, sci fi, a little of this, a lot of that. For anyone who’s read my demon westerns (yes, you read that right), this one is much lighter in tone. I tend to write more sensual than smoking hot, although I leave the door open.

Don’t ask me how I managed to come up with an idea for aliens in 1877 Nevada. These things come to me. I don’t pursue them. It’s probably because I only half listen to anything and my imagination comes up with the rest. (Yes, I’ve seen the Daniel Craig movie Cowboys and Aliens. FYI, Olivia Wilde needs to have a serious talk with her agent.)

Nevada has its share of alien abduction stories, conspiracy theories, and UFO sightings. Area 51, the subject of most, is inconveniently located near Groom Lake in Nevada. Think about this for a moment. If you’re going to try to keep government secrets, the desert is the best place to store them. I’ve been to the desert. It’s hot. Nobody’s walking in and out of there, and a car or truck can’t sneak up on it. Your horse would disown you. Not even the hardest core theorist is going to break in.  Ask the BBC film crew that gave it a try.

Besides, while Area 51 might hold the physical evidence of All Things Space-Related, Washington’s where the real secrets are kept. It’s true today, and it was true in 1877.  My hero, Sam, starts off as a US Federal Marshal for the newly-formed Special Division, working out of the White House. The Special Division investigates alien sightings, and Sam quickly finds out that, when you’re asked what you would do for your country, it’s purely hypothetical. You’re not always given a final say in the matter.

So, out of curiosity. Do you think the government is storing evidence of aliens in Area 51? Or do you think it’s exactly what the government says it is—an area for aeronautical research and development?

In 1877, I’m pretty sure it was mostly just desert. Any aliens around at that time were on their own.

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paranormal westernPale Moon Walking

Paula Altenburg

Release Date: 9/28/15

Genre: Paranormal Western

Publisher: Entangled

Book Description

US Marshall Sam Kyote has been sent to the dry old town of Coyote Bluff to recuperate from a top-secret government experiment that’s left this law man a little…well, different. But Sam’s about to find out that the town of Coyote Bluff has a whole lot of secrets. Most of which lead to Libby Mayden—the sexy, long-legged, and tight-lipped sheriff who saved his ass from an alien ambush.

The last thing Libby needs is a US Marshall poking around her town, especially one who’s hotter than the Nevada desert sun. She can’t let Sam find out most of her town are wanted outlaws. Between the aliens, the gunfighters, and a searing sexual attraction to Sam, she’s in a whole heap of trouble. And Libby’ll stride both sides of the law—and Sam—until she’s forced to choose between self-preservation…and her heart.

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Libby took off like a rabbit as soon as she heard the crack of the bat. She approached first base at full speed, saw no one coming at her, and didn’t slow down. She rounded the base and headed for second.

From the corner of her left eye, she spotted a fast-moving blur. Sam had the ball, and rather than give it up to the second baseman, he was pursuing Libby himself, planning to cut her off before she could reach safety.

She judged the distance between Sam and second base, and the space she had left to run. She never slowed, but instead, dropped onto her right calf and thigh in a long slide, folding her left leg and throwing her hands high as she did. She kept her attention focused on touching the base with her foot. Nothing else mattered. Either he caught her or he didn’t.

She felt her foot connect with Sam’s ankle at the same time he reached second, knocking him off balance as she finished the slide. He threw his arms up, just as she’d hoped. He windmilled in slow motion, unable to regain his footing, and toppled on top of Libby, knocking the air from her lungs with his weight.

He brought his arms down on either side of her face. His chin connected with her forehead and she heard the faint click of his teeth striking together.

He grinned down at her, the gold flecks in his eyes sparkling. He touched the ball to her collarbone, just below her jaw where he knew it was sensitive, and Libby’s toes burst into flames. “You’re out, Sheriff Mayden.”

“In your dreams, Marshal Kyote,” she wheezed back. “If you check, you’ll find my boot’s on second base.”

Sam didn’t budge. “We’ll have to consult the umpire. Oh, wait. That would be you.” His grin widened, and now Libby couldn’t breathe for a whole different reason. “How are you planning to call it from this position?”


The Demon Outlaws Series

Book 1 The Demon’s Daughter

Book 2 Black Widow Demon

Book 2.5 The Demon Lord (novella)

Book 3 Demon Creed

paranormal western

About the Author

paula altenburgPaula Altenburg lives in rural Nova Scotia, Canada, with her husband and two sons. Once a manager in the aerospace industry, she now enjoys working from home and writing fulltime. Paula writes fantasy and paranormal romance, as well as short contemporary romance.





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