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Paranormal This Week: Sept. 18

paranormal news of the week

The paranormal is a news gift that just keeps on giving… Here are my top five stories for the week!

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1.First up, a decent article on modern-day witchcraft from the Daily Mail. If you’re a witch, there’s nothing new here. But if you’re curious, read on.

witch I'm fabulous

2. Knott’s Scary Farm is gearing up again for its annual Halloween shenanigans. I haven’t visited the park since college, when Elvira was doing her shtick on stage. Whadda performer. Anyone gone recently?

3. Have you got a favorite haunted attraction? If so, you can vote on USA Today’s poll for best extreme haunted attraction. It’s open through October 12. USA Today’s also running a Best Ghost Tour poll. I think I might detect a theme…

4. What has got to be the most creative (and creepiest) video pregnancy announcement ever…

You go, paranormal parents!

5. And to polish off my top five list, a true(?) ghost story about a haunted pub in New Jersey.


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