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ParaNormal This Week: Aug 15

paranormal news

1. Are ghosts oppressive tools of the patriarchy? That’s what one study (doesn’t) say, but it does claim that most ghosts are male. Any mediums out there who’d care to corroborate?

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2. Sadly, witch hunts are still going strong in India, with five more dead in Jharkhand. One Indian journalist draws the connection between uppity women and accusations of witchcraft. Most western scholars claim that was the same cause of witch accusations in medieval Europe, just a reminder that some things never change.

3. And in happier witch hunter news, there’s going to be a sequel to Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, possibly the cheesiest witch hunter film ever made (but we haven’t seen the new Vin Diesel version yet – here’s hoping!).

Did you say... cheese?

Did you say… cheese?

4. And in more, ahem, edifying news, a 1,400 female skeleton was unearthed at Warwickshire. Archaeologists believe it may have belonged to a witch, because of a religious utensil found among the bones.

5. Evidence that a haunted puppet moved on its own? The haunted puppet was given to psychologist Jayne Harris by its owner after the puppet purportedly tried to choke him. The best part of this story? Jayne has been studying haunted puppets for 17 years. Now that’s a paranormal specialization.

I really wanted to go five for five on the witch stories, but the news is what it is. Enjoy your paranormal week!

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Kirsten WeissKirsten Weiss is the author of The Hoodoo Detective, book six in the Riga Hayworth series of paranormal mystery novels. Her first cozy mystery, The Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum, is available for pre-order now.

Other books in the Riga Hayworth series of urban fantasies include: The Metaphysical DetectiveThe Alchemical DetectiveThe Shamanic DetectiveThe Infernal Detective and The Elemental Detective. Kirsten is also the author of Steam and Sensibility and Of Mice and Mechanicals, steampunk novels of magick and suspense.




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