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Pathworking for Creativity

creativity pathworking yesod to hod

Last Thursday I presented a workshop on Magical Creativity for Joy Reichard‘s In Her Name Circle. During the workshop, we did a qaballistic pathworking (a fancy term for a guided meditation) taking an imaginary journey from the sphere of Yesod to Hod. The path is represented by the Tarot card, the Sun. For this journey, I like the Sun card from Robert Place’s Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery, because of its male and female aspects.

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And since no good presentation should go to waste, I’m posting the pathworking below:

Follow your breath, letting go of the tension and stress of the week, the hustle of getting here on time. Let it go, and breathe in peace and light. Spiral all the pieces of yourself you’ve scattered out into the world back into your heart’s space so you are right here, right now.

Imagine you are in a room filled with swirling purple-tinted mist and lit from below. This is the temple of Yesod, Foundation, the beginning of the etheric planes. The elemental forces binding matter together, giving it life, are here. This is the temple of the unconscious. Yesod represents your life’s blueprint, and is made up of your memories, your subconscious, your thoughts and beliefs, and your instinctual body.

Gauzy, violet draperies float along the walls, drifting in a caressing breeze. Bells tinkle faintly at the edge of your awareness. On the stone floor of the room is inscribed a crescent moon. In the center of the room stands an altar, a giant, nine-sided amethyst. Atop it is a copper chalice filled with honey and alongside the chalice lies a glittering knife. A brass pentacle with a gear in its center stands beside a tiny iron cauldron. Smoke rises from the cauldron where a cone of incense scented with cinnamon and myrrh burns.

A breeze billows the draperies, revealing a stone door with a copper number thirty on it, and below that, a circle with a dot in its center. The door opens at your touch and you walk through it, down, down, down a passageway made of large, honey-colored blocks of stone that remind you of Egypt and the great pyramids. Although you are sinking down, the corridor warms around you, grows brighter. You walk toward a rectangle of blinding light and you step out onto a windswept desert.

Heat and wind swirls around you. Behind you stands the pyramid you have just emerged from. Before you, through desert sands, winds the 30th path on the Tree of Life, the path of enlightenment, linking the unconscious with the brilliant fire of conscious action. This is where we store our ideas, thoughts, and visions. Face your feelings, your darkness, and they will dissipate in the sunlight. Open your heart and embrace your creative destiny. An antelope stands outside the passageway and looks at you with curiosity. His large, brown eyes seem to hold a message for you. What is it?

pathworking for creativity

You, in the desert.

The wind blows stronger, threatening to lift you off your feet. And although you should feel scared, you exult in the power of nature. Blindly, you grab for something to hold you down and catch hold of the antelope’s horn. The wind whips harder, and it seems you hear voices in it. Now you are lifted off your feet.

Decide, the wind says. Stay or move on, but decide. You understand your choice now: to cling to supposed safety or to trust the flow of life. You let go, and are whirled into the air. Your foot catches on something and then is free, and you are flying, powerful, one with the current of air. The sky is blindingly bright and clear, like a mirror. Your shadow flies on the rippling sands below you, keeping pace. You fly onward, your shadow rippling along the sand dunes.

The wind slows and sets you gently down before a Greek-looking temple, round, with a domed roof and held up by marble columns. On the wood door is a copper number eight. Your fingertips brush the door and it opens. You walk inside. In the center, raised on a plinth, stands a golden statue of Mercury, with winged slippers and holding a caduceus. This is the sphere of Hod, where the magician works her magic, turning lead into gold, ideas and visions into art. The energetic forms you create here find balance in the unconscious energies from the sphere you just departed, Yesod. The temple of Hod frees you to communicate your vision to the world. But there is no free ride, you must choose to act, to risk, to dare.

Hod is ruled by Mercury, and therefore associated with Thoth, Hermes, and the Magician. There are objects at the god’s feet. What are they?

The wings on Mercury’s slippers flutter, and the god smiles down upon you. What does he tell you?

The god holds his hand above your head and blesses you. “Know this,” he says, “all who enter here must prove their worth in the outer world. When you return, take with you the power of the sun and illuminate the world with your light. Use this power in your highest and best interest and in the highest and best interests of those around you. Now go.”

He points toward a door, partially hidden by a sheer, blowing white curtain. A copper number nine is affixed to the door.

You bow and walk to the door, feeling lighter, more powerful. Grasping the handle, a latch clicks, and the door swings open on another corridor made of that same, honey-colored stone. You walk up its steep slope, up and up, and emerge in the violet temple where you began. On its amethyst altar stands the copper chalice, the glittering knife, the pentacle, and the tiny iron cauldron wafting incense.

You have returned to the beginning.

Take a deep breath. Feel the breath fill your lungs. Feel your feet on the ground, the coolness of the air on your cheeks, and begin to return to this place. When you’re ready, open your eyes and stretch. You have returned to the mundane world.

Note: You can find the Sun card from the Sevenfold Mystery at minute 4:35 in the video below.

About the Author

Kirsten Weiss is the author of The Hoodoo Detective, book six in the Riga Hayworth series of paranormal mystery novels.

Other books in the Riga Hayworth series of urban fantasies include: The Metaphysical DetectiveThe Alchemical DetectiveThe Shamanic DetectiveThe Infernal Detective and The Elemental Detective. Kirsten is also the author of Steam and Sensibility and Of Mice and Mechanicals, steampunk novels of magick and suspense.

Find her at and @KirstenWeiss


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