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The First Fae


Guest post by Isabelle Saint-Michael, author of The Dragon’s Guide to Slaying Virgins. And be sure to check out the tour giveaway link below!

Long ago in the realm now known as Vesaria lived the Elves. The Elves were the first creatures of the light, and because of this, they were powerful. The land that they lived on blessed them with long lives, great wisdom, and the ability to create magic from nothing.

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At first they were content to simply grow crops and live their lives, but with time the elders sought ways to change the land. In the north they raised great mountains, so tall that they scraped the sky, causing its ice-white clouds to fall upon them. To the west they grew thick, heavy forests where dangerous animals began to roam, looking for meals.

The Elves didn’t wish to freeze in the mountains to the north, so the elders created a race from their blood, sunlight, stones of the mountains, and of course, magic. Their creatures they called Dwarves, and the Elves wasted no time in sentencing them to cold north to toil away in the mountains they had raised.

Likewise, the Elven elders didn’t wish to come face to face with the creatures that lurked in the woods, but they still desired the treasures that waited there. Mixing their powerful blood with sunlight, magic, and wind for speed, they created the Fae. The Fae were also immediately sent away to the forests to serve their purpose.

The great land of Vesaria watched her children and saw how they grew. She quickly began to see the fault in giving the Elves so much power. So outraged was she that she took form to walk upon the earth. From each race she chose one special child to lead their people.

She chose Mektig from the Dwarves to be king of his people. She chose Lord Daelawynn from the Elves to become king of his. When it came time to choose a ruler for the Fae, she searched high and low before deciding on a wee sprite name Mab. She would become the Queen of the Fae.

The Great Mother Vesaria saw that allowing the Elves to have all the power would never do, so she decided to bless each race with only two gifts. She allowed the Elves to keep their long lives and great knowledge. To the Dwarves she gifted great strength and even greater spirit, to serve them well in the cold peaks of the northern mountains. To the Fae she gave flight, so they would never have to touch the ground if they didn’t want to. She also gave to Mab the gift of magic, which have previously only been wielded by the Elves, along with two rules: whatever races she created must also have magic, so that they would be no more powerful or weaker than any others. And she must begin by gifting the Dwarves and the Elves with magic of their own.

With this command, Mother Vesaria again became one with the land to watch over her children. Queen Mab thought long and hard about how and what magic to give the Dwarves and Elves. The light of her soul shone brightly within, and soon she saw the answer.

“To the Dwarves I grant the magic of the sun, so that even deep within the mountains you will always have light and you will always know warmth.” Then she turned to the Elves. “Your magic will be hidden within your wisdom, and not everyone will be able to find it. Only those who do not look for magic but instead seek knowledge will find the power I have given you.”

King Daelawynn grew angry at Queen Mab’s words, but before he could act upon it, the Fairy Queen was gone to her court. So to this day it is said that Fairies are tricksters and have been since the day they first took magic from the Elves.

Dragon’s Guide to Slaying Virgins

faeOtherworld Realms

Book Three

Isabelle Saint-Michael

Genre: PNR/Fantasy Romance

Publisher: Otherworld Romance, LLC

Date of Publication: June 26th, 2015

ISBN: 9780990866589


Number of pages: 474

Word Count: 104K

Cover Artist: CL Smith

Book Description:

Lady Morgan is a Knight of Queen Mab’s court. She’s earned it too – while most other Fae were playing tricks and using come-hither glamours on the unsuspecting, she was out saving the day – and finding true love.  But when fate steals her one shot at happiness, Morgan decides to find out if there really is no job, too big to handle alone.  Armed with a strong sword arm, a never-ending supply of wit, and very little magic, she is willing to take on the most dangerous of enemies…

Vallen is what most knights would consider their mortal enemy: a Dragon.  He’s also Sir Vallen, a member of an ancient order, and the years since he joined have made him as hard and grumpy on the inside as he is scaly on the outside.  His honor would never allow him to take the easy path, though, only the right one… which leaves him in something of a predicament when he first meets Lady Morgan…

When the strings of fate cross, Knight and Dragon set aside their differences to fight a common foe – and find the second chance at love they never knew they were looking for.

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About the Author:

faeIsabelle Saint-Michael is a cupcake enthusiast, shoe addict, and globetrotter. She is known for her sense of adventure and geeky hobbies. She is frequently seen haunting coffee shops and pubs into the wee hours of the morning. No matter where she goes, shenanigans and mirth are never far behind.


Twitter- @IsabelleStMike





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