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Paranormal This Week! July 17

paranormal news

The paranormal just keeps in giving. Here’s this week’s news.

1) Some ghost hunters just don’t know when to quit, and these two characters give legitimate ghost hunters a bad name. Two young men plead guilty to vandalizing a historic church in Minnesota. The church denies there’s any actual paranormal activity there, though they have a lovely cemetery.

2) John Beckett writes about discipline, and the lack thereof, in paganism.

3) India has come out with a piece of anti-witch hunting legislation, but activists say it falls far short of what’s needed to stop this heinous crime.

4) Some spooky footage of a possible ghost in a wine bar turned up on YouTube. The bar owner has suggested the video was edited to make it look creepier, but he admits the bar may be haunted. If I was a ghost, I’d haunt a wine bar.

5) In the market for a haunted object? If you are, look no further than the ubiquitous eBay, which really does sell just about everything. Here’s a list of ten supposedly haunted objects for sale.

haunted chair

Not for sale.

About the Author Curator

Kirsten Weiss is the author of The Hoodoo Detective, book six in the Riga Hayworth series of paranormal mystery novels.

Other books in the Riga Hayworth series of urban fantasies include: The Metaphysical DetectiveThe Alchemical DetectiveThe Shamanic DetectiveThe Infernal Detective and The Elemental Detective. Kirsten is also the author of Steam and Sensibility and Of Mice and Mechanicals, steampunk novels of magick and suspense.


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