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This Week in Paranormal


Yes, it’s another fine week of paranormal news, from the intriguing, to the depressing, to the just plain bizarre.

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1) In the intriguing category, someone put together an interactive map illustrating how the Salem witch hunting hysteria spread throughout New England. If you read through the article, you’ll also find a nice video about the Salem Witch Trials.

2) And in the good news/bad news category, Spanish police arrested a gang of human traffickers (yes!) who were using the threat of “juju” voodoo curses to keep their victims in line (awful).

3) Art Bell, founder of the famed Internet radio show, Coast to Coast AM, is returning on July 20th with a new paranormal podcast, Midnight in the Desert. This writer needs her sleep, but if you’re a night owl, rock onsunset4) Is Loch Ness haunted by a lake monster and UFOs? Tourists snapped a weird photo over the lake just as the weather was changing. Color me suspicious that it has something to do with the weather change. But still, should give the Scottish Tourism Board something to work with.

5) And finally, this week it was revealed that in May the Catholic church performed an “Exorcismo Magno,” a nationwide exorcism of demons in Mexico. The goal was to bring down the demonic activity fueling the drug trade and high levels of violence plaguing the country.

Next up, Sesame Street!

Next up, Sesame Street.


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