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Deadbeat is Back!

At long, last Season 2 of Deadbeat is here, and clueless medium Kevin Paclioglu is in fighting form. Well, not really fighting… But he’s in some sort of form in this Hulu original comedy about a medium who will do anything to help a ghost cross over.

Any. Thing.

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This season, Kevin’s got a ghostly girlfriend, Sue. In his single selfish act, he’s keeping her earthbound, tangling himself in a hilarious web of lies in the process. Meanwhile, fraudulent medium Camomile White is determined to use Kevin for her own nefarious purposes. She’s landed a reality TV show and needs Kevin to keep disruptive ghosts off the set.

Kevin, played by Tyler Labine, helps a slew of ghosts in need, including a chef who can’t get past a negative Yelp review, a spirit who wants one last dance with his old partner, and the ghost of Abraham Lincoln who just wants to see the end of the play. The regular cast is joined by guest stars Danny Devito as a murderous cult leader, Fred Armisen as a wronged janitor at the Marquis de Sade Elementary School, and Zach Levi as Abe Lincoln.

It’s an awesome season.

Warning: there are bodily fluids and other bits of crude humor. But it’s softened by Kevin’s inherent sweetness.

Watch it on Hulu!


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