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A Mind of Your Own: Faces of Possession


Guest post by author JD Spikes

Most people hear the word possession and go right to the Devil. Demonic possession is by far the most familiar type of take-over by other-worldly beings. We’ve had years of books (and almost equally books to film) detailing the horrors that befall the possessed. Unsuspecting innocents and occult dabblers alike fall prey to the insidious breakdown of control of their bodies and minds until little remains of their originality, their life, their ‘selves’.

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From the pea-soup spewing tween of William Peter Blatty’s ‘The Exorcist” to the body-contorted new adult of Dr. Felicitas Goodman’s “The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel” (which became the movie ‘The Exorcism of Emily Rose’), we as humans have been both terrified and mesmerized by the possibility of our psyches being taken over and out of our control. Questions abound. Where do ‘you’ go? What effect would it have on your body? On your soul? Could we –would we –ever regain control? I will never forget the book “Psychic Summer” by Arnold Copper and Coralee Leon, a nonfiction account of a group of friends who ‘play’ with a homemade Ouija board one summer with disastrous results, including physical shifting of their features, and a shadow cast over the rest of that summer and, for some, their lives.

There are, however, other versions of possession. Demon-free, even often encouraged. The psychic medium who invites spirit to use them as a voice (think Whoopi Goldberg in ‘Ghost’), the psychic detective who becomes the victim’s eyes and ears, the prophets of the world’s religions who allow spirit to speak through them, are all examples. Possession with control.

Then there are the odd circumstances. The not-so-well-known variations. Like automatic writing.

You don’t hear about it too much, it’s not a media sensation, but I find it intriguing. YOU are not possessed. You don’t lose control of your mind, though you are in a semi-sleep, almost hypnotic state. You know your hand is moving, that the pen or pencil is flowing across the page, but you’ve no idea what is being written. When you fully wake, you have a scrawl across the page, not your own, and a message to be deciphered. Generally, it’s a friendly… a spirit who has something to say and believes you’re the one who needs to know. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t freak you out… someone, someTHING, used you. But the message is a quest, and usually a gift. And it feels like they only used your arm (though I suspect some part of your brain had to be involved, no? And that’s why I’m not a fan.)

The TV show Supernatural is great at showing variations of possession, from the religiously committed who agree to be used, to the hapless ‘meat suit’ who may or may not be able to be saved, to those who are told it’s their destiny and yet resist. The Winchesters deal with it as they can for the good, and it’s a reflection of life, in a way. Like all these authors have, I want to make my readers consider the possibilities of such a path, and what they would do if confronted by it. Would they be Daphne, be Zach? Or have a plan of their own?

JD Spikes

About the Author

Author J.D. Spikes wears many hats: a spinner of tales, a paranormal investigator, a mentor, cook and mother. Her spooky stories about guys, girls and things that go bump in the night abound with the realistic touches that stem from lifelong research and experience with the supernatural. Her stories are infused with spirit while her belief in love fills her tales with heart.

Investigating when the need arises, she aspires to enhance the metaphysical field and share both her spiritual and scientific wonder with readers everywhere. When not writing or researching , J.D. Spikes can be found gardening, horseback riding, and forever getting lost in secondhand shops. The mother of two grown sons, she lives in Rhode Island, the Ocean State, with her very own hero-husband Tim and their two crazy cats, TJ and Lillian (aka Chubbs and Tiger Lily). She is the proud recipient of the Jo Ann Ferguson Service Award for her dedication toward her fellow writers and the craft.



  1. mary ellen blackwood says

    Mediums fascinate me…I truly think the spirit world IS just around the corner. A good medium through powers possessed only by them, are able to connect you to those who have passed on……and bring the seeker answers…..
    I believe. It’s a comfortable feeling knowing I can make a connection….

  2. JD – I love all this stuff. I love to watch paranormal shows on TV and I am always fascinated by the “possession” ones. I have a harder time reading the books though – they really get into my head – and scare the pea soup out of me! LOL 🙂

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