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Surviving a Zombie Apocalpyse

Dana Fredsti Zombies

Today, we interview Dana Fredsti, author of the Ashley Parker trilogy of zombie thrillers. Not only does Dana write about zombies, but she also played a Deadite in Sam Raimi’s Army of Darkness. This makes her as close to a zombie expert as you can get.

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PYN: Tell us about your latest zombie novel!s

Dana Fredsti: It’s the third book in the Ashley Parker trilogy, the first being Plague Town, the second Plague Nation, and this one being Plague World. By the title, it’s kind of obvious the zombie plague has spread worldwide and our heroes are trying to stop it. By the end of the last book, (spoiler alert) Ashley and crew have made it to San Francisco and the place they’re trying to secure as a new lab and just as they reach it, the best hope for the cure is kidnapped at gunpoint  along with her boyfriend, and taken away in a helicopter. That was the end of book two, and book three is trying to track the bad guys and their hostages.  Much jolly zombie mayhem ensues. And I trash San Diego, my home town.

PYN: Why are zombies so popular today?

Dana: I hate that question! It’s one of those things everyone asks, and I don’t really have an answer other than I’ve liked them for years, and I’ve always found the whole concept compelling, especially the George Romero come-back-from-the-dead-and-eat-the-living. The combination of the remake of the original Dawn of the Dead, The Walking Dead, and Max Brook’s World War Z, which hit the bestseller list and is the first zombie-genre book to do that, I think just hit the right notes for people at the right time.

Zombies are also a great stand in for peoples’ greatest fears.  And if you’re in a zombie apocalypse, it’s totally okay to shoot a pesky neighbor turned hungry zombie in the head, which is NOT okay in real life.

PYN: It’s a zombie apocalypse. What’s in your “go bag?”

Dana: I don’t have a “go bag,” because I have 11 cats and a dog, and I won’t leave them. What am I going to do? I’m not going to leave my animals.  I keep lots of pet supplies, toilet paper and wine stocked up at home.

PYN: Best place to survive a zombie apocalypse?

dana fredsti zombiesDana: Personally for me, it would be one of the wineries that have caves. A lot of the wineries are large properties, they’re gated, the security is good, and they have these big solid doors. And then there’s wine!

PYN: That’s kind of genius. Okay, best tool for fighting off zombies?

Dana: A crossbow with Daryl Dixon from the Walking Dead attached.

PYN: What new writing projects are you working on?

Dana: I just finished a short story for one of the upcoming V Wars anthology edited by Jonathan Mayberry and I also just turned in a pitch for a new urban fantasy series that I’m hoping to develop with Titan, which published the Ashley books, and I’m also working on a YA/Sci-Fi series with my husband.

Looking for some zombie chills? Buy Plague World today!


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About the Book

The thrilling conclusion of the zombie apocalypse begun in PLAGUE TOWN and continued in PLAGUE NATION! The zombie plague has gone airborne, and the conspiracy that began it all reaches the boiling point.

Having been ambushed in San Francisco, which is now fully engulfed in the zombie plague, Ashley and the wild cards must pursue the enemy to San Diego. There they will discover a splinter of their own organization, the Dolofónoi tou Zontanoús Nekroús, which seeks to weaponize the plague. But that isn’t the worst news. The plague has gone airborne, making it transferable without physical contract. It cannot be controlled by anyone, so reports of the zombie swarm are coming in from across the United States – and across the world.


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