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Can’t-Live-Without Magical Practices


We’ve interviewed some amazing magical practitioners at ParaYourNormal over the last two years. But I wanted to know more about their daily lives. What spells, rituals, and magical practices can’t they live without?

Length-wise, this turned into an epic post, and I’d like to thank all the awesome women out there who took the time to share their magic. So let’s start…

Lexa Rosean – New York Witch

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Lexa Rosean, photographed by Andy Warhol

“I must in some way acknowledge/celebrate/honor the eight Witches Sabbats -The Wheel of the Year. I can’t always be with my coven and do the rites from the Book of Shadows but I will find a strand of the ritual or discover something magical on my own to honor and mark the change of the seasons and cycles of the Earth.”

Lexa Roséan is a pagan author and has published eight books on spells, tarot, and astrology. She is available by appointment for spiritual counseling.

Her first book, “The Supermarket Sorceress,” will be back in print in 2015. Find out more about her at her website, and read our interview with her here.

Joy Reichard, Priestess


Joy Reichard

What can’t I live without? A daily clearing, both to clear negativity from my life as well as keep me in a more positive mood and connected to the universe. Here’s how I do it:

I go into a quiet, meditative state and send my grounding cord into the earth, asking Gaia to receive it. Then I draw up through the grounding cord the stabilizing earth energy and bring it up through my feet into my crown chakra. Then from my crown, I look into the cosmos and connect to the galactic center, which I call the Soul Star, and pull down a ray of golden light. I surround and embrace myself with that light and pull it into my center. As that happens, I mentally have it activate and cleanse my chakras. On an exhale, I send it out to every cell in my body. On another breath, I send it into my aura. Because golden light is a high vibrational energy, it dispels anything of a lower vibration in my aura, healing rips, tears, holes or leaks. On my next breath I send it out into the room, and on the next out 26 feet around my home.

Joy Reichard is a number one Amazon best-selling author of Celebrate the Divine Feminine: Reclaim Your Power with Ancient Goddess Wisdom and founder of Persephone’s Journey, A Wisdom School for Awakening Women. She has three books launching in early 2015. The first is about sacred sexuality, the shadow, and relationships. Another delves into ancient wisdom teachings from the goddess, including moon and herb magic, altars, and rituals. The third explores embracing the power of your feminine. Read our interview with her here.

Elizabeth Barton, Astrologer and Energy Worker

paranormal books

Elizabeth Barton

What metaphysical technique can’t I live without? It would be the Aura push. It’s very similar to remote sensing. I use it daily.

It is the ability to expand your senses/energy though time and space to a physical place.  Once there, it is the ability to gather information via your senses.  Since I am more of an empath, I “feel” the emotional pulse of the area.

An example is when I “feel’ the upcoming year.  There is an overall perception.  The visceral effect it has on my body tells me different things. A shallow pain running over my upper chest means grief, a light warm sensation emanating  through  my skins upper layers equals an easy time, a reddish consternation means pay attention to business.

Everyone has the ability to do this to some degree.  And everyone will have their own cues to understanding the feelings and symbols.

I start an aura push like this, I call in protection by calling in my angels and guides of the highest light then setting a circle.  Then I clear the space, balance the energy, and ground into Mother Earth.  ( Many practitioner make the mistake of grounding first.  If you ground first dark energy can be sitting patiently under you, waiting.)

After this is accomplished  I  go into a meditative trance  and start connecting to my aura.  As I feel myself becoming diaphanous  I  connect to my heart chakra then expand by pushing my aura out in all directions.  Slowly extending the palms of my hands outward as I exhale deeply helps move my aura.   As the aura goes through the walls of the house and into the street messages start flowing in to me.

If I want more visual information, I place eyes on the outer layer of my aura so I can see what is happening.  If I want to feel textures I put fingers on the edge of the aura.

Through many experiences I have learned that what I see can be in symbolic clothing.  Interpretation and minefields walk hand-in-hand.  If my rational brain is too active, the results are not as accurate as when I am in what I call, “fertile non thought,”  where the base Energy of the Divine is filled with fecundity, waiting for the seed.

The difference between remote sensing and the Aura push for me is that when I do remote sensing I use my third eye first, then the other chakras.  The Aura Push expands from the heart chakra but is mainly felt on the layers of my outer skin as it expands.

I find that the Aura Push is more primal and that I can connect with the Elemental realm much easier.  Having unhappy Elementals in ones neighborhood can lead to family drama, I’ve found that if I can help the Elementals in my neighborhood, it becomes much more peaceful.

Yes, I use this daily.  From the mundane-‘Where is my cat?’  To the profound and somewhat dangerous, ‘What are the people who use dark magick doing?’

Reverend Elizabeth Barton has been self employed for 15 years. Her major love in life is Astrology.  A Professional astrologer since 2002, specializing in life path and  career; Vice president of the San Francisco Astrological Society 2008-2013. 

She leads retreats for women- next one is Feb28-March 1, 2015. She is a Spiritual counselor specializing in weddings, hand fastings, stress reduction, soul retrievals, entity removals, house clearings and paranormal investigations.  She has a paranormal investigation team called the Paranormal Healing Society-‘The Energy Movers and Shakers.” And she teachs a year long course in Metaphysics, as well as one-on-one instruction.

She was raised in the Hungarian and Japanese shamanic traditions. For an appointment call 650 572-8850 or email 

Gypsey Elaine Teague, Creator and Craftswoman

My one thing that I always do is call down the Gods.  Since I am Norse I pray to Freya, but I invoke the major Gods and Goddesses in my ritual.  I feel that without the presence of the Gods and Goddesses of my heritage, the ritual or circle will be less than successful.

Gypsey Teague is a high priestess in the Georgian and Icelandic Norse Traditions, and the author of Steampunk Magic: Working Board the Airship. In Spring of 2015, Weiser is publishing her book, Witches Guide to Wands. Read our interview with her here.

Julie Hawkins, Alaka’i Ho’omanaloa and Akashic Records Practitioner

Hmmm, just one? Here goes. My practice doesn’t have a sexy, magical name but its ongoing practice produces magical results! It’s what I call Perceptions and Projections.

Simply put, P and P is the mirror effect. The people around us are a reflection of what we think, how we act and what we communicate. When I feel emotionally triggered by something I go directly to Perceptions and Projections. This practice gives us a way to see what is really the underlying issue.

It’s hard to have an accurate view of your own nose without a mirror. Invoking P and P helps us to reflect rather than react. I ask myself “what’s this about for me?” Then I dig a little deeper and ask, “What’s this REALLY about for me?” I let the honest information bubble up so that I can resolve or heal what’s going on inside ME! It is a magical and very honest self-study in a loving, non-judgmental and productive way.

Julie Hawkins

Julie Hawkins

Julie Hawkins provides expert intuitive guidance and coaching to women entrepreneurs and business professionals.

Growing up Julie would often say things to people and they would ask, “How do you know that”? Julie would facetiously respond saying, “I’m psychic.” Only many years later did Julie really acknowledge and utilize her psychic gifts.

Julie is co-author of: The Gratitude Book Project: Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude, and
Tapping into God: Experiencing the Spiritual Spectrum

Julie is currently working on her forthcoming book: Say NO Without Guilt. Julie also conducts her action packed 4-part teleseminar training of the same title.

Marcia McCord, Tarot Reader

My can’t-live-without magical practice is reading Tarot. It colors the way I see the world. It colors my everyday “muggle” job. It gives me great insight in how to handle ordinary problems. And it amuses me, which is the motivation for all.

I put it down for 20 years and missed it terribly during that time. But I did it for an almost ceremonial reason, which was the absolute need for me to live my life without knowing what the answers were. I needed the experience of making my own mistakes, an unguided life. Picking it up again then helped me have better empathy for the clients who come to me then and want some guidance for their lives when they’re not seeing things clearly.

I’ll pull one to three cards for myself depending on my question. For instance, there was a Tuesday night and my husband was away at a meeting, and I was just absolutely driven – Ruffles potato chips urge – to read cards. I pulled out the three cards and it was the worst reading I’d ever seen – the 10 of Swords, the Tower, and Death (not necessarily in that order). I realized that there was some enormous disaster coming and didn’t know what. Tense, I pulled cards to find out what was coming and finally got an answer that said, “No one you know,” and that calmed me down. Later that week the tsunami hit Japan and caused the Fukushima reactor meltdown.

For a long time, I wanted to understand the purpose of me knowing these things, when I was unable to prevent the bad thing from happening. It took me those 20 years of me making my own decisions to realize that my job isn’t to prevent the bad thing from happening. It’s to tell the news. I’m just the messenger. And for that, the ritual is important, because people need to have the sense of that magical practice of understanding that there’s something more, because there is.

Lenormand tarot

Marcia McCord

Marcia McCord self-published the Picture Postcard Tarot, the Art Postcard Tarot and the Victorian Trade Card Tarot, the Tea Tarot, The Dust Bunny Lenormand and the Off-Center Lenormand, taking her inspiration from her childhood spent in her mother’s antique shop.  She reads cards professionally and teaches Tarot and Lenormand.  Her blog, revealing the all-too-human side of Tarot and Lenormand, takes an upside-down view of the human comedy while Marcia takes life one card at a time:  Knowing that they would pout if she did not mention them, Marcia lives in Vallejo, California, with her husband John, their rescued cats, a newly rescued and poorly behaved puppy and one very patient, long-suffering cocker spaniel.

What’s your can’t-live-without magical practice? Share in the comments below!


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