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Interview with Jessica Myers: What Lies Inside

Who’s your favorite paranormal character in pop culture, and why do you remember him/her?

JM: I think my favorite and definitely the most memorable paranormal character in pop culture for me is Louis in Interview With The Vampire. Having a mega crush on Brad Pitt who played the character was part of it. The rest was the insight into a modern view on vampires, showing the good and bad and human side to this race of dead bloodsuckers that lived in secret among us. Watching Louis, a human-turned-vampire long for death, an end to his horrible and meaningless existence portrayed a side of a would-be monster that evoked sympathy and understanding. Though there are many vampire stories before and after this one, Louis’ tale that bridges the gap between supernatural and humanity has and always will be a favorite of mine.

Can you tell us one fun/interesting paranormal fact you learned in your book research?

In my book research I learned about many centuries-old vampire tales where humans who committed heinous acts were accused of being vampires. Many of these resulted from humans not wanting to believe their own race could bear such cruelty. Of these stories, one stood out above the rest. The Blood Countess for one was labeled the most prolific serial killer in history for torturing and killing hundreds of girls in the 1500s [Click to Tweet!]. Stories about her vampire-like tendencies of bathing in virgins blood in to retain her youth, were considered unreliable. Though that still does not take away from her other acts that leave her often compared to Vlad III the Impaler, another vampire icon.

Why did you decide to write paranormal?

I have always loved the genre, whether it was reading, watching, or imagining in my own quiet time, but the decision to write—and write paranormal—didn’t occur until after the birth of my son. Suffering postpartum depression, I needed an escape, a way to cope by living through the lives of the characters I imagined. They needed to be thrown into the deep end, not knowing if they were swimming to the surface or getting closer to drowning. There needed to be hope, love, and desire, but there needed to be pain, and loss, and betrayal, too…all mixed in together with a heroine who was determined to come out the other end of hell—if that’s what was thrown her way. Writing was a way for me to work through my own emotional pain and to this day mimics the themes I have lived through and still struggle to battle.

What paranormal power would you like to have and why?

I was about to say visions of past, present, and future…then I reconsidered. Again in real life, there are many things that are out of control, so I believe being able to tell if someone is lying or being truthful would be the ultimate power.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Thank you for your time in reading this interview. With all written words, they can mean the world to the write, but until new eyes see the magic inside, that’s all they are…and we writers want to share those carefully crafted words with anyone who wants to take a peek inside the cover of a book—or eBook as the trend it going.


Amelia Lamont never asked to unleash her inner vampire.

Amelia’s normal teen world is shattered when a terrifying nightmare awakens the monster inside her. A newfound, insatiable thirst for blood that leads her to drain the school quarterback is only the beginning; she’s horrified to discover that her family and best friend Kendrick have been harboring the secret all along. And is the strangely alluring boy who seems hell-bent on curbing her murderous, blood-filled desires a friend, or foe?

To escape detection Amelia and her twin brother Dorian are forced to move to a new town, and the challenge of a new, exclusive high school where nearly every classmate smells like prey. Including the irresistible Ty, who seems hauntingly familiar, yet darkly menacing …

Amelia’s disturbing dreams and entanglement in a web of forbidden romance render her increasingly powerless against the chilling lies and secrets of vampire power struggles. And, as she soon discovers, vampire politics mixed with outlawed love can be a lethal cocktail.

Falling in love may just cost Amelia everything: her friends, her family…even her life.

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About Jessica Myers

Jessica MyersJessica L Myers was born to Dutch parents in Melbourne, Australia, and as a toddler travelled with her parents to many parts of Europe.As a child Jessica’s vivid imagination and quiet demeanor led her to the imaginary worlds of books. Even at a young age her love for the supernatural was prevalent, with her first loved books being R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps series. Following that she took an interest in other non-fantasy fiction, including Virginia C. Andrew’s series Flowers in the Attic.

In her teen years Jessica spent many private school hours writing poetry and dark short stories, and took up sketching some of the terrifying things that came from the graphic nightmares she’d grown up with.

As an adult and after meeting the love of her life, Jessica moved to Brisbane, Australia, got married and started a small construction business with her husband. With the birth of her son, Jessica suffered PPD and found escape in her books and their fantasy landscapes. It was in this time that her need to write flourished. In 2009 the decision was made and the first words to her YA novel What Lies Inside were written.

When she’s not writing, Jessica balances being a stay-at-home mum with her families business needs while making time to get to the gym and take family vacations.


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