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Alyson Conrad, Siren’s Seduction, and the Anagogic Research Council

Today we’re interviewing Alyson Conrad, author of the novella Siren’s Seduction, a paranormal, erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave.

Hi, Alyson!

paranormal eroticaI think we’re going to have to start by defining our terms in this interview. What the heck is Anagogic, and can you tell us a bit about the Anagogic Research Council, which we first encounter in Siren’s Seduction?

Anagogic is one of the handy-dandy words my thesaurus popped out as a synonym for paranormal. Since the Anagogic Research Council, ARC, is an international paranormal investigative force posing as an educational foundation, I thought the term anagogic meshed well with the scholastic aspect of its front organization.

What sort of items would an agent like your character, Serena, carry in her purse?

Definitely her Kimber 9mm, if it isn’t already strapped to her thigh. A set of picklocks. And since seduction is her best tool, a tube of YSL’s Rouge Volupté lipstick in Red Temptation.

Will you be writing more romances from the Anagogic Research Council?

Two more are already written and awaiting publication. I love the characters of ARC and being able to play around with their paranormal abilities so I anticipate several more in the series.

Who’s your favorite paranormal character in pop culture, and why?

Well, of course, Alcide Herveaux as portrayed by Joe Manganiello, because, yum. But, unoriginal as this may be, I gotta say I’m a Buffy fan.  A large burden was thrust upon her, unasked for, that she accepts without becoming bitter (too often). I like her sacrifice and dedication, all while wearing kick-ass boots and having great hair.

What’s the most recent paranormal you’ve read (not including your own)?

Hand to God, it was my sister’s, Katlyn Conrad’s, latest paranormal romance. Although since that one is still in pre-publication status, I will shamelessly direct you to her first novella, Spirit on Fire, for a great read.  But for paranormals written by someone not related to me, the most recent book I read was Adrianne Brooks’ The Dragon King and I because it was on sale and I was curious how an author could make a dragon shifter sexy. Werewolves I get. Weredragons made my eyebrows rise. (FYI, Ms. Brooks did a decent job of it.)

Book Blurb:

Sexy and powerful, Serena is a federal agent tasked with taking down an international arms dealer and finding the mole within the government. She’s willing to do just about anything to ensure her success, including use her ability to compel the men around her—an ability that’s only ever failed against one man.

As a top operative with a clandestine agency tasked with solving crimes of the metaphysical kind, Jack has been putting the job above his personal desires for years. But when he and Serena collide on the case—and in bed—he’s suddenly faced with a far more delicate balance of power and information.

Serena, with her gorgeous curves, wicked tongue and challenging glare, calls to Jack. He can’t keep his mind out of bed, or on the case. With danger escalating by the minute and a betrayal neither Jack nor Serena see coming, they’re going to have to put the brakes on their lust and protect their future before it’s taken away—permanently.

A Romantica® suspense erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Buy the novella, Siren’s Seduction, here:


Barnes & Noble


Ellora’s Cave


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