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Gifted Trilogy Giveaway & Author Erin Manbeck’s Top 10 Peeves While Writing



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Top 10 Pet Peeves When Writing

  1. Interruptions! It never fails that when I am in the middle of writing a good part and my mind is flowing, my 6 year old suddenly needs something or my husband has a question that needs answered. The 6 year old usually gets what he needs, while I direct my husband to Google.
  2. OCD. I hate that every time I read my books, no matter how much I liked it the last time I reviewed it, I always feel the need to change something. I find myself circling around and around and eventually end up with what I started with. If I was a hair puller…I’d need a wig
  3. Readers who get to a part of a book that they don’t necessarily find interesting, so they skim it to get to the next part not realizing that they just missed a key element to the story. They then find themselves lost and blame the author.
  4. My writing comes to life at night, which leaves me with very little sleep, or at least terrible sleeping habits. My poor coworkers have to deal with my grumpy side and happily make sure there is always coffee available.
  5. Constructive Criticism: I love my beta readers and the way they guide me to assure that the book flows and turns into something people will enjoy reading. They are pretty darn honest too. The problem is that I may have one or two that like to battle with me, in a good way, almost challenging me to change some serious parts in a book. I find myself having to take control because I want the work to be mine, not someone else’s. I have to remember to be tough skinned.
  6. It drives me nuts when I know in my head exactly what I want to say, but when I go to put it down on paper, I’m like, “What the hell just happened!”. One word can completely block your entire thought process.
  7. I find myself getting so mad that I did not pay better attention in all my high school and college English classes. Thank God for editors and beta readers because my degree is in Criminology not English Literature. If you want some ideas on how a psycho ticks…ask. If you want to know about split infinitives, come sit next to me while I pull out my new Grammar book and we will read together.
  8. Knowing that my book was going to be a trilogy, I knew I needed to spend a bit of time explaining in the first book the history behind the story, i.e. the Laws of Responsibility. It’s important to make sure that the reader really understood that part because it explains the actions of others throughout the story. Some people might find it redundant because it’s mentioned more than once in the first book, but I make up for that by starting the second and third books from where the last ended. I don’t reiterate the story line.
  9. When people hold it against me that I forgot a comma in an 80,000 word book.
  10. People who know the books are paranormal romance/fantasy, not the real world, but question how things are possible. They say, “it didn’t make sense because that can’t happen.” In my fantasy world…it can. My sky is sometimes blue, but some days it may be green. Who knows, but by the end of the trilogy you will think twice about getting naked in front of your dog ever again.

Gift of Sight

paranormal“Gifted” Trilogy, #1

Feisty, smart mouth Regan thought that breaking up with her boyfriend Sam was going to be the start of her independence.  Instead, she is manipulated and dragged into a world where sharp, sarcastic wit isn’t going to save her.  Turning to her Gram for help, the only remaining relative she has, Regan is upset to find out that her grandmother has been keeping family secrets of her own all these years.

With a vengeful goddess using people to try and bring Regan to the Underworld, Gram brings in three Guardians to protect her.  Given the short version of what is expected of her, loaded with a lot of expectations for her future, Regan knows first-hand that life is too short.  She isn’t letting anyone make life-altering decisions for her despite finding out that the vengeful goddess has placed a price on her head.

This book will make you laugh, feel connected to the characters, and leave you wanting more.

Warning: Adult language and sexual situation



paranormalGift of Power

“Gifted” Trilogy, #2

Power equals responsibility.

Despite declaring to those closest to her that she will take her position as Queen, Regan’s first priority is not to rule, but to find her parents.  With Jake at her side, she is determined to learn how to use her new powers and hide from her destiny, as well as the Council, a little while longer.

Unfortunately, someone has been watching and reporting every move Regan makes.  She is disheartened to find out the Council is already eagerly awaiting her arrival in Ireland and have apparently started to plan her future…one that does not include Jake.

Regan must decide just how much she is willing to sacrifice to protect her people from a vengeful goddess, while also weeding out the traitor among them.  In the end, will she have the strength to withstand losing any of them?



Gift of Prophecy

paranormal“Gifted” Trilogy, #3

Regan’s arrival in Ireland may have heightened her powers, but it has also given Agrona and her minions more cause to make sure she never makes it to her coronation.  With every attack and the harsh welcome she receives from the council, Regan is more determined than ever to prove why the deities have chosen her to be the Queen.

Although, part of her has accepted that she may have to make the ultimate sacrifice, it isn’t until Regan finds herself in the Otherworld being handed over to Agrona that the reality hits her.  Will Jake and her family survive without her?




erin manbeckI’m an author in hiding…I still work full time, but don’t ever look over my shoulder to see what’s on my computer screen.  Chances are you will find me secretly writing.

Besides family and friends, I love to laugh.  It may be at the expense of those I love, but they get me, so I usually don’t offend too much.

Honesty…I can’t help it.  I usually say way I feel, but with a little guidance, I’ve learned to be more tactful.

I’ve worked in plenty of environments (trucking company, correction officer and I was in the military to mention a few) so I guess you can say that’s where my mouth and attitude come from.  Either way, as long as I get my morning cup of coffee people are safe.

The Trilogy is complete and I also have a new stand-alone book called “Dreamless”.  It’s a Paranormal Suspense that’s a bit lighter on the language, but will keep you guessing who the Nightmare really is.








Gift of Sight Excerpt:

Regan could tell he was being sincere, but she didn’t care.  “You said most of the time, what about the other times?  What did you do?”  Regan’s questions were being fired out like a machine gun burst.

Jake was definitely having a hard time finding the right words.  He went with the honest approach.  “Well, on occasion you would just walk out of the bathroom and I would happen to look up and you would be naked.  So yes, I have seen you naked.  Over the year quite a few times, you really have nothing to be embarrassed about.  You are beautiful.”

With a poker face that would have won her millions at the tables, Regan responded, “Take your clothes off.”

“What?  Why do you want me to do that?”

“Seriously, it’s only fair.  Take your clothes off, every last stitch.”

Jake couldn’t believe what she was asking.  “Regan, I am not taking my clothes off.”

Regan screamed into Jake’s face, “GET NAKED NOW!”

Suddenly Gram was at her side.  “Honey, why are you screaming?  What are you getting so upset about?”

Regan never took her eyes off Jake.  “He needs to get naked.  It’s only fair.”

“Honey, why would Jake need to be naked to talk to you?”  Even Gram had a bit of a laugh mixed in her tone.

“Over the last year there have been moments where he has seen me naked.  The only way I am going to be comfortable with that fact is if he gets butt naked right now, an eye for an eye, so to speak.”

Piper jumped in to help.  “She’s right, Jake.  I mean, if someone saw me naked like that without me knowing and then I had to work with him or her, you bet their hairy ass I would make them strip.  Come on, Maggie, we don’t want to see that, so we should go back into the kitchen until he is done.”

“You have a hairy ass?”  Regan asked Jake.

“No, of course not, Piper is messing around.”

“See, the smart money was on yes because then I might have said to forget this whole thing, but since you said no…get in the birthday suit.  You’re wasting precious time.”


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