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Wednesday Writing Challenge: Paranormal Drabble

Photo Credit: Lívia Cristina via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Lívia Cristina via Compfight cc

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with “drabbles” — 100-word short stories. They’re a great writing exercise because they force you to cut out any B.S. and choose words with punch.

Even better – you can use them. They fit brilliantly in author newsletters, on Facebook or Tumblrs, and even on blogs.

Ready to try one? Here’s the challenge:

Write a spooky drabble with a paranormal element that’s exactly 100 words. No more. No less.

Bonus points for a twist or surprise at the end, and be sure to use spooky words (if your thesaurus is failing you, check out this spooky word list from Writers in the Storm). Finally, be sure to evoke an emotion, because without emotion, story doesn’t exist.

And feel free to post your creations in the comments below!


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  1. Hoodoo.

    Riga fingered the gris-gris bag, its muslim rough against her skin. Sniffing it, she scented herbs, something heady, dizzying. Carefully, she placed it on the glass. “And this one?”

    “A charm for good luck.” The Hoodoo Queen leaned against the counter, her scarlet turban tilted rakishly. A fan creaked overhead, making no inroads on the still, New Orleans air.

    “And it works because…”

    “Because I believe it does.”

    Riga elevated a brow. “Not because the possessor believes?”

    The Hoodoo Queen smiled. “The power is mine.”

    Magic coiled through the shop, a dark electricity. Riga shuddered. The power was hers.

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