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Growing Up Psychic: Chip Coffey’s Abnormal Interview

psychic chip coffey

Guest post by Abby Normal. Reprinted with permission from her blog. Chip will be speaking in San Jose, CA on Sept. 25th, 2014. For more info, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Chip Coffey is a psychic medium who was born during his mother’s near-death experience. He’s an only child and was born in upstate New York to parents that had relocated from the south. Chip has lived in New York and Florida but has resided in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, since 1983. Chip has worked as a child model and worked in entertainment for most of his life. He has also worked in the travel industry, counseling and therapy, and for the government in the Head Start program. Most people know Chip Coffey as a professional psychic medium from his appearances on Paranormal State and Psychic Kids. Let’s learn a little more about Chip from Chip himself.

psychic chip coffeyAbby: What nationality are you?

Chip: On my dad’s side I’m almost 100% Irish. Coffey is a good Irish name. We are from County Cork, Ireland. On my mother’s side I am Native American, Dutch and English. From my mom’s side I’m kind of a Heinz 57 blend. And from my dad’s side I’m almost exclusively Irish. So I’m kind of a mutt.

Abby: What are your psychic abilities that you are aware of?

Chip: That’s difficult. I just think I’m intuitive. The way I define psychic is just the ability or skill set to access information or energy that you cannot get using your 5 human senses. It’s intuition, it’s a gut feeling, it’s that little voice, whatever. I’m a precognitive psychic, which means that I can foresee things that are yet to happen. I am an empath, which means I can feel things around situations and people or locations. I’m able to look at people or locations and sort of read them as far as the psychic stuff goes. I never know how it’s going to manifest, but it just does. The other ability is I talk to dead people.

Abby: Do you read tea leaves like your grandmother on your dad’s side did?

Chip: I don’t. I thought that was kind of a wonderful little play on terms that my grandmother – my granny Coffey – read tea leaves. I thought that was like an interesting thing. But no I don’t. I never learned that skill. But my grandmother was a hoot. She was a very quiet, dignified woman. I came from a family that sort of embraced the paranormal or the supernatural. So I was very fortunate in that regard.

Abby: So you think that psychic abilities are hereditary?

Chip: I absolutely believe that there can be a proclivity with accessing psychic abilities. I believe that there is a total DNA connection.

Abby: What percentage of houses in the U. S. do you think are actually haunted? How common is that?

Chip: Like 100%. I think that ghosts and spirits are everywhere. [Tweet this!] I mean they don’t have a body. I want their frequent flyer mileage. That was not tongue in cheek. I think that people, places and things can be haunted. And I think that the spirits can be everywhere. They may not always make their presence known. But I think they’re everywhere. So haunted is not a bad word. Haunted just means paranormally active. But you know, sometimes there are ghosts and spirits in places, and you might not even realize that they’re there. They are just hanging out.

Abby: Okay. What was your favorite part of your book, Growing Up Psychic?

Chip: I don’t know that I’ve got a favorite part of my book. I think more than anything my goal for the book is my favorite part. And that was after we did the Psychic Kids show, I constantly was getting asked the same questions over and over and over again. I felt the best avenue to reach the largest audience was to write the book. It felt like what I was doing was putting a period at the end of an unfinished sentence. I firmly believe that we did great work on the show, but it didn’t feel complete. But writing the book made it feel complete. And my goal was to bring some sense of clarity, sanity, comfort and healing to a larger audience.

Chip Coffey cover photo

Abby: How do most parents that you’ve come in contact with that have children with abilities react when they find out?

Chip: I would say that most of them are confused and concerned. They can’t understand it or fully accept it. A lot of the kids that we worked with had such intense experiences that they had kind of reached the end of their rope trying to figure out exactly what was going on and how to deal or cope with it. That’s why they reached out to us. Over the course of the show we worked with between 50 and 60 kids. The interesting thing is that the producers and the network got between 5 and 6 thousand applications for the show. I really do believe that is just the tip of the iceberg. One of the questions I get asked the most is, “How are the kids doing? Are you still working kids? I really love the Psychic Kids show.” You know it had its detractors saying you’re exploiting children and blah, blah, blah. Well my response to that is, “Ask the kids and their families if they felt they were exploited.” I believe what we did was really great work to bring some level of sanity and understanding to people that had reached the end of the rope and had gone into crisis mode.

Abby: So your tour with 12 Coffey Talks is starting again in September, 2014.

Chip: Yes.

Abby: What can people expect when they attend your Coffey Talk?

Chip: It’s broken into four parts. The first part is just a general question and answer period where people can ask me about anything other than psychic questions or talking to the dead. It’s for them to get to know me a little bit better and for me to socialize with the audience a little bit. They can ask me questions about the show, they’re own spiritual beliefs, they’re own paranormal beliefs. That’s the first part of the show.

Then we take what I very self-servingly call a Coffey Break for a few minutes. And then we come back and do some readings. Both psychic readings and talking to the dead.

Then the people who’ve purchased the photo and meet and great package get a chance to briefly come and say hello to me and have a professional picture taken with me. The photo can be claimed on line within the next 24 to 48 hours.

And then the VIP folks get to stay, and we try to do a little spirit contact. We try to see if the spirits light up my flashlight, make some knocks or wraps or communicate with us in the location that we’re at. So those are the four parts of the program.

chip coffey 1

Abby: Do you think your personality is the same on TV as it is in person?

Chip: People that see me on TV see me in work mode when I’m kind of serious. I think I come across as accessible, caring, and compassionate. That’s what I hope I come across as. So some people are kind of surprised that I have a kind of bawdy sense of humor. I can be very irreverent, funny, and self deprecating. I take my work seriously, but I don’t take myself too seriously.

Abby: I like that.

Chip: That’s kind of the way I was raised. You know, too many people make everything so much more difficult than it has to be. Or they can be dramatic or bring drama into their lives. I would rather simplify things. I keep it simple stupid. It’s the K.I.S.S. method.

Abby: I watched the video of you and your cousin Lissa doing her version of Coffey Talk. In the video you said that you were going to try to make contact with the Black Dahlia? Were you successful?

Chip: Honestly I don’t know that I’ve made contact with the Black Dahlia. I’ve certainly felt things and experienced things at the Biltmore in L.A. We’re going back to the Biltmore for the 4th or 5th time. I love that hotel.

Abby: Did you make contact with Marilyn Monroe?

Chip: I have been in contact with Marilyn Monroe. I just tried to reach out to her and asked her a couple of questions. And yes, I got a response.

Abby: Would you care to share the answers?

Chip: I really don’t. I will tell you that one of the questions I asked her was, “Is the perception that most people have on how you died accurate? And her response was, “No, it wasn’t.” There’s much more to the story about the way she died than has been publicized.

Abby: Fascinating! Wasn’t she married to Mr. Coffee?

Chip: She was. There you go. I hadn’t thought about that.

Abby: You have an extensive background in theater.

Chip: I do.

Abby: Do you have a favorite roll that you played?

Chip: My favorite roll so far has been Mordred in Camelot. He’s the bastard son of King Arthur.

Abby: Why was it your favorite?

Chip: Because he’s deliciously evil. I played Mordred as being a real ass. As being really evil. And I played him as being campy evil.

Abby: So you had the wink, wink, nudge, nudge going on?

Chip: Yes. I still remember many of the lines and love the song that he does. It was one of my favorite rolls most definitely. I’ve done like 150 rolls on stage and I’ve written plays. I’ve produced plays. I run a very successful children’s theater in Atlanta. I directed main stage theater, so I’ve got a really broad background in the theater community and in the entertainment community at large.

Abby: Let’s move to the fan questions. What was the most shocking thing you experienced in the supernatural?

Chip: A question I am asked quite often as a matter of fact. Probably the most shocking or unnerving thing was hearing a very masculine, guttural, demonic-sounding voice come out of the body of a three-year-old little girl.

Abby: Oh yah. That would unnerve me.

Chip: Yah. It got my attention.

Abby: How did you handle it?

Chip: I was ready to leave actually. With tongue in cheek I will say that, but you know this may be more than I want to take on or feel equipped to take on. We kind of rolled with it during the episode. Fairly quickly the little girl sort of snapped out of whatever fugue state she was in. It was very eerie and startling to witness that.

Abby: Which show was that on and do you remember the episode?

Chip: I do. It was on Paranormal State on an episode called, “The Devil in Syracuse.”

Abby: What are you thoughts on past life regression?

Chip: I’ve never had one done personally but I’ve heard from others that it can be quite successful. I have a strong belief in reincarnation and past lives, but I’ve never done any sort of hypnotic past life regression myself.

Abby: Have you ever had an out of body experience?

Chip: Yes. It’s not a big deal for me. When people wake up feeling tired, I think your essence, your soul, may have been wandering around at night. That’s the reason you wake up feeling like you haven’t slept.

Abby: What is your favorite prayer to say for protection.

Chip: I’m fond of a lot of different prayers. One of my favorite prayers is the St. Michael prayer. I love the Lord’s prayer and the 23rd psalm. Those are the ones that I say the most. Now if there’s something wonky around I pull out some Latin that I know. I say, “I exorcise you unclean spirit in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ.” I have them listed on my website on my resources page on They are specifically for use by people who want some protective prayers.

Abby: Are you single? If so, are you looking?

Chip: Am I single? Yes. I’ve been single for a very long time. To answer the question, “Am I looking?” I would delicately answer that and say if I was going to become romantically involved with anybody it would have to be a really extraordinary situation that would be a good fit for both parties. I’m not young. I’m set in my ways in a great number of ways. Do I dismiss that? No. Do I expect that? No I don’t. If it happens it happens. If it doesn’t, I’m good with that. I have a very full and rich life. And whoever would come into my life from a romantic perspective would have to add something to my life and vice versa. I would have to add something to his life.

Abby: What do you think of when you hear the word “Wangdoodle?”

Chip: I think of that damn thing that was on my porch that scared the shit out of me. Let’s put it that way. That was creepy, girl. Let me tell you that, was creepy. I think I must have been like 14 or 15 years old at the time if I remember correctly. Our house was about a quarter of a mile or so off the main road and down a dirt road. I’d heard the story about this thing that supposedly existed in the woods. Then I heard something lumbering across the wooden planks on the front porch. With it being summertime the doors were open. I went running through the house making sure that all of the doors were closed and locked. I tried to figure out what to do if this thing decides to break in. I kept wondering, “What is this thing going to look like? Has it come to get me?” It was pretty scary. It was unnerving at best. And to say that it through me into a panic is probably an understatement.

psychic chip coffeyAbby: I’d like to thank your fans for submitting questions.

Chip: I have great fans. I am grateful for the kindness and support that all my fans show me. I never want to disappoint my fans. I always want to try to put forth the best in myself and earn their kindness, respect, and appreciation. That’s very important to me.

Abby: I think you are doing a great job, Chip. I can’t wait to see your show when you come to San Jose on September 25. Thank you for doing this interview. I appreciate it.

And for more on where you can attend Chip’s Coffey Talk please go to
And for more on Chip Coffey just go to his website at:



  1. Brenda says

    I have read your book, growing up psychic. It really resonated with me. Things have been happening in my life that I have lots of questions about. I would like to know your thoughts on where I might focus this wonderful energy. Thank you for your response

    • Hi, Brenda:

      Chip’s not actually affiliated with this site. We just were fortunate enough to interview him! You might want to try his personal website.


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