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The World’s First Vampire Poetry?

Photo Credit: twm1340 via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: twm1340 via Compfight cc

Before Bram Stoker, there was… vampire poetry!

Der Vampir was written in 1748 by Heinrich August Ossenfelder. Like the vampire fiction of today, the poem focuses on sexuality – specifically the vampire’s kiss.

This throws out my theory that the sexy vampire is a late 20th century invention.

At least the poet doesn’t write about sparkling vampires.

And now…

Der Vampir (The Vampire)

My dear young maiden clingeth
Unbending, fast and firm
To all the long-held teaching
Of a mother ever true;
As in vampires unmortal
Folk on the Theyse’s portal
Heyduck-like do believe.
But my Christine thou dost dally,
And wilt my loving parry
Till I myself avenging
To a vampire’s health a-drinking
Him toast in pale tockay.

And as softly thou art sleeping
To thee shall I come creeping
And thy life’s blood drain away.
And so shalt thou be trembling
For thus shall I be kissing
And death’s threshold thou’ it be crossing
With fear, in my cold arms.
And last shall I thee question
Compared to such instruction
What are a mother’s charms?

Not sexy

Not sexy

If anyone knows of vampire poetry that predates this one, please let me know. I feel like starting a collection. Or maybe we could have a vampire poetry/haiku contest here for all you writers? Hm… I’m going to have to think about this.




  1. jobhuntdiary says

    Yes, I think we need to do a contest. What shall be the prize?

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