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Deadbeat: Review


I just finished binge-watching Deadbeat. Which was a really bad idea since I was supposed to be writing. But the show hooked me.

It shouldn’t have.

The hero’s sidekick is a drug dealer. The humor can get pretty crude. And in my book, these are not points in the series’s favor.

But the hero, Kevin, is oddly engaging, a deadbeat medium who just can’t say “no” to a ghost in distress. And Kevin, played by Tyler Levine, has got a bigger problem than ghosts. He undervalues is abilities, accepting discounts on bootleg merchandise in lieu of payment… which makes rent payments tough.

The villain is equally brilliant – a dark-hearted, British-accented celebrity medium named Camomile White. She neither sees nor believe in ghosts and is oddly threatened by Kevin. And Kevin is head-over-heels in lust with her, in spite of the abuse she regularly heaps upon him.

One oddity: the f-word is bleeped (well, blanked) out of the dialog. I’m not opposed to this, as you might have deduced when I used the phrase “f-word” instead of the actual swear word. I just think it’s funny since this is a series made for Hulu. Did they change their minds later about the language? Is it supposed to be part of the comedy? The metaphorical ghost of a curse?

The entire first season of Deadbeat is available on Hulu. If you can handle some crude humor and political incorrectness, you might enjoy this quirky comedy.

Have you seen the show? What do you think?



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