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How do Spells Work?

spell casting
spell casting

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I confess. One of the best things about writing paranormal mystery novels is the research. And lately, my research has been heavy on spell casting.

A spell is a ritual with magical force. [Tweet this!] The spoken part of the spell is the incantation. But it’s generally believed that the words and the ritual don’t in themselves create the magical force – it’s the intention behind them, intention built and amplified by the ritual.

Typically, a spell caster will start by psychically “clearing” the space and creating a protective barrier for the work. Then the incantation will be chanted, the spell worker will focus on the intent of the spell, and other props or ingredients, such as candles or items representing the elements, may be used to further charge the intention.

Still, no one really knows how spells work, though there are plenty of theories. The psychologically-minded believe that the spell actually changes the caster’s own behavior, and once her behavior changes, the people and things she interacts with react differently to her. She changes, and so does her world.

Then there is quantum physics, which tells us that the observer’s beliefs and expectations affect the outcome – at least on a sub-atomic level. Do a spell-caster’s belief and intention, as amplified by the ritual, have a magical effect at a molecular level?

Dr. Masaru Emoto believed that water might respond to non-physical events. As an experiment, he printed out words and taped them onto bottles of distilled water, leaving them out overnight to see if the structure of the water molecules changed. Photographs taken of the water the next day showed that they did –loving words created gorgeous snow-flake molecule patterns. However, Dr. Emoto concluded that it was his thoughts and intentions that affected the molecules; the words were just the medium.

About the Author:

Kirsten Weiss is the author of the Riga Hayworth series of paranormal mysteries: the urban fantasy, The Metaphysical DetectiveThe Alchemical DetectiveThe Shamanic DetectiveThe Infernal Detective and The Elemental Detective.


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  1. Great article. I’ve heard it said too about intent. And that the “props” in a spell give our conscious minds something to do/see so our subconscious can work on our intent and the rhyming words to bring our wishes to fulfillment since it is part of our brain that doesn’t know truth from fantasy 🙂

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