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A Little Salt with That Spell? Plus a Spell to Break Negative Contacts!


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Salt is a common component in magic spells. For centuries, salt has been believed to have protective and purifying qualities, as well as the ability to absorb psychic energies [Tweet this!]. On a witch’s altar, salt can represent the earth element [Tweet this!]. And did you know salt is a base element in alchemy? [Tweet this!]

In The Elemental Detective, my metaphysical detective, Riga Hayworth takes advantage of her trip to Kauai to buy some of the more exotic salts for her spells. But even she admits for everyday magic and protection, table salt is a great option. Specialty salts can get expensive – who can afford to create magical barriers along doors and window sills with pricey Dead Sea salt? Here’s a quick run down on the properties of various salts:

Table salt: Though it lacks the glamour of the more exotic salts, plain table salt generally works just fine. Contrary to popular belief, Kosher table salt is not blessed by a Rabbi, and therefore has no “extra” magical properties. In that sense, it’s no better or worse than “regular” table salt.

Sea salt is perceived as a step up from table salt, because it’s more “natural” and has undergone less processing.

But for protection, the “ultimate” salt is black salt – not the volcanic stuff found in the Hawaiian islands, but salt mixed with ash from a sacred fire or ritual. Riga is a suspicious type, and doesn’t trust the stuff sold in the local metaphysical shop. She makes her own.

Himalayan salt is pink due to its higher iron content. And magically, iron represents the earth and the universe. Therefore, it may be used in rituals involving protection during out of body experiences and shamanic journeying to other realms.

Like pink Himalayan salt, Alaea Hawaiian sea salt is enriched with red clay which contains iron oxide, and therefore has similar properties to Himalayan salt. Traditionally Hawaiians have used Alaea salt in healing rituals and ceremonies to purify, cleanse and bless their tools and canoes.

Black Lava salt (also from Hawaii) is sea salt mixed with activated volcanic charcoal. Activated charcoal is an absorber, excellent at removing toxins – psychic and physical. As such, it works particularly well in purification rituals.

Dead Sea salt – because of its connection to the Holy Land and because of its healing properties – is popular in purification and protection spells. Dense with minerals that have bubbled up from deep within the earth, it also feels really nice in a bath, aiding relaxation. So it can be a good choice for rituals involving submersion, for example to break negative psychic contacts, using a spell such as the one below:

A Spell to Break Negative Contacts [Tweet this!]

Ingredients: Hot bath, 1 Cup Epson or Dead Sea salts and 1 Cup baking soda

Ritual: Hold your right hand over the bath salts and imagine purifying light pouring into them. Pour the salts into the bath and get in. As you pour the water over your body, say:

As this water washes over me
I break contact with all negativity

…and visualize yourself surrounded by a purifying white light.

About the Author:

Kirsten Weiss is the author of the Riga Hayworth series of paranormal mysteries: the urban fantasy, The Metaphysical Detective, The Alchemical Detective, The Shamanic Detective, The Infernal Detective and The Elemental Detective.



  1. Thank you for sharing that. I wanted to know the differences between the black salts, and don’t trust the advice of sellers. Bright blessings to you x x

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  3. A.C. Parkers says

    I have one for you:
    Spell Casting Seasoning Salt
    Protection Seasoning Salt

    I need to make some seasoning
    Some seasoning for my dish,
    To guard me from all bad
    And give me what I wish:
    Protection in the food I eat,
    A safeguard added in each day,
    A shield of protection
    For whatever comes my way.
    I’ll sprinkle it on or add it in
    Most everything I eat,
    For my spirit world bouncer
    With powers that can’t be beat.
    __A. C. Parkers

    Needful Things
    ½ cup Hawaiian Black Salt
    ½ cup Hawaiian Red Salt
    ¼ cup Black Peppercorn ground
    ¼ cup Garlic Powder
    Spell Casting Seasoning Salt:
    Grind your whole black peppercorn then mix in Hawaiian black salt, Hawaiian red salt, and garlic powder. Then store in air tight container away from bright light. Now you can use it in most any dish of food adding flavor and protection in every bite.

  4. HeathersHaven says

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    I thought this was interesting especially since I mixed sea salt and activated charcoal on a whim last month.

  5. James says

    Hi! Greetings from the point of Light. I want to share with you my method for a Purification water or you can call it Holy water. * Seven cups of sea (ocean) water * seven cups of Rain water (taking on the day of the full moon with a Basin directly from the sky) * seven cups of spring water. * seven spoonful of saltpeter * One cup of sea salt * One small full glass of dry gin * One loop of camphor.

    Mix the waters, dry gin, sea salt and saltpeter together in a Basin then light the loop of camphor in the water. Allow the camphor to burn down then place your right palm over the water and recite psalms 51 vs 10. Seven times over it.

    The psalms: “Create in me a clean heart, O God and renew a right spirit within me.”

    Bless be In Light!

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