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The Dream Jumper’s Promise: Review

paranormal romance

paranormal romanceTitle: The Dream Jumper’s Promise

Author: Kim Hornsby

Publisher: Top Ten Press

Genre: Paranormal Romance (PNR)

A husband presumed dead. An ex-lover with a secret. Dreams that trail into the waking world. How can Tina trust anyone, when she can’t even trust her own reality?

Dive shop owner Tina Greene is recovering from the loss of her husband, which has left her emotionally shattered and with an intense fear of the water. When her ex-lover, who’d left her abruptly over a decade ago, shows up at the shop on leave from Afghanistan, it opens a new tangle of emotions. Her visions become more and more real. Is she going mad? Or is something else going on?

LOVED this book. It’s little wonder The Dream Jumper’s Promise was nominated for Best Indie First Book by IndieRomCom. I got hooked like a mahi mahi in the first chapter. The story cracks along at a taut pace, and it has everything: mystery, suspense, and a romance with deep emotional content.

5 Stars for The Dream Jumper’s Promise. It grabs you by the heart, and the throat. [Tweet this!]  (And be sure to read to the end, where she’s got some recipes and a reading guide for book clubs)

Want to learn more? Here’s the blurb:

Tina Greene can’t accept the presumed surfing death of her husband, Hank. Months after signing the death certificate, she trades mourning for saving her Maui dive shop from bankruptcy. When Jamey Dunn walks back into her life things take a strange turn. Dreams of Hank have the dive instructor questioning her sanity and leaning heavily on Hank’s best friend, Noble. Jamey and Noble clash at every turn, both desperate to help Tina. When Jamey suspects Tina’s strange dreams hold clues to Hank’s disappearance, he must reveal his unusual ability to visit dreams. Trusting the man who once betrayed her doesn’t come easily when the decision to let Jamey enter her subconscious has a price. As Tina, Noble and Jamey decipher the mystery of Hank’s disappearance, grave danger sets in to reveal that one person is a traitor, one is flirting with insanity and one is an impostor.

paranormal romanceAbout the Author:

Kim Hornsby is a Seattle writer, a mother, a wife, a messy housekeeper, a dog lover, and a voracious reader. She was born in Belleville, Canada, lived in Vancouver, Maui, Whistler, Taipei and now Seattle. Though The Dream Jumper’s Promise is set in Hawaii, Kim’s favorite travel destination is Nicaragua, where she does a little work with the Nicaraguan Children’s Foundation.


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