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Bebe Knight, Author of the Paranormal Romance, An Element of Time

paranormal romance

paranormal romanceToday we interview Bebe Knight, author of the paranormal romance, An Element of Time. But first, here’s a blurb from the book:

The Eternal Flame Series: Book One

A vampire and a slayer walk into a bar… Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, but for Veronica and Mackenzie, it’s the beginning of the rest of their lives…

The world has seen its fair share of evil, but Veronica Chase had no idea such monsters truly existed. Werewolves, poltergeists, witches… even vampires. Ignorance was bliss. But her reality was crushed on that horrid day her family was taken away from her. Now, Veronica has devoted her entire life to hunting those very creatures, searching for the werewolf pack that murdered her parents in hopes of finding her abducted sister. Nothing will get in her way of settling the score for the hand she was unjustly dealt. That is until her newest assignment brings her to her knees.

After one hundred and eight years on earth, Mackenzie Jones thought he had seen it all. With the exception of daylight of course, but that’s what comes with the territory being a vampire and all. Perpetually damned to live his life as a bartender in the shadows of the night, nothing has sparked his interest lately. Just once he wished something exciting would happen in his mundane life. Little did he know, his wish was about to come true. Walking through the door to his bar, and into his heart, Mackenzie allows love to take the wheel for the first time. There’s just one slight problem. She’s there to kill him.

And now, on to the interview with Bebe!

PYN: Tell us about your latest book!

Bebe: An Element of Time takes the reader on a journey through the eyes of Veronica Chase, a victim of a werewolf attack who is seeking revenge by hunting every creature she sets her eyes on, and Mackenzie Jones, a vampire looking for his purpose in life. Both hero and heroine have to save each other from certain death at the hands of a villainous werewolf, ensuring their happily ever after while others are left to deal with the aftermath.

What genre does your book fall into – paranormal mystery, paranormal erotica, para-romance, urban fantasy, YA?

An Element of Time is a paranormal romance full of suspense, action and desire.

How did you develop the names for your characters?

When I’m naming my characters, the name has to speak to me. I have to be able to believe that person is a ‘Veronica’ or a ‘Mackenzie’. After my third round of edits, I changed one of the character’s names to Jack but in my fourth round of edits I changed it back because I just couldn’t picture that person as a ‘Jack’.

Do you plot ahead of time, or let the plot emerge as you write?

I’m a planner. I plan everything in my life, so it’s no wonder I’m plot ahead of time. I need to have a very detailed outline when I sit down to start a project, something that gives me direction from Point A to Point B. That’s not to say I don’t stray though. There’s a character, a cat actually, in An Element of Time that just wrote herself into the story. She’s eventually going to get her own book in the series now. She is one of my very happy unplanned occurrences.

Sex scenes?

Yes! But fair warning to those of you who are looking for sex in every chapter, this is not one of those books. There’s a lot more to romance than sex and I like to explore those options J

What’s next?

Book Two of The Eternal Flame Series is in the works right now. I’m hoping for a 2014 mid-year release if all goes according to plan. This book will follow two characters that we already know and love as they find their happily ever after.

Paranormal RomanceAuthor Info

Bebe Knight, author of the Eternal Flame Series, lives in Upstate NY with her husband and son. Writing has always been a part of her life whether it be books, plays, or handwritten letters to friends and family. It’s a dream come true for her to be able to share her stories with others. (Blog)




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