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Black Opal

paranormal mystery

paranormal mysteryTitle: Black Opal

Author: Catie Rhodes

Genre: Paranormal Mystery

Length: Novella

First, I should say that Catie and I both have the same publisher. But I don’t think it’s affected my review because I loved, loved, loved this book. Catie is billing it as a novella, and it clocks in around 50,000 words. But it’s a completely satisfying story and didn’t seem “short” to me at all.

Unwilling medium Peri Jean Mace is back in action. [Tweet this!] This time she’s on her boyfriend’s home turf, at his family mansion in South Louisiana, and Peri Jean is feeling out of her element. And then a ghost who won’t take “no” for an answer clamors for her attention, and Peri Jean must follow the clues to find a killer.

The book is tightly paced. The characters are living and breathing and more importantly, growing. (I hate it when characters just do the make the damn mistakes book after book after book – it’s too much like real life and I read to escape. It’s also boring). Anyway, Peri Jean doesn’t do that – there’s actual, realistic character development in this book and it’s well-done.

The sex scene is hot and nicely written. The romance makes you root for the characters. And the mystery is a whodunnit until the end.

5 Stars.

About the Author

paranormal mysteryCatie Rhodes grew up in the piney woods of East Texas. It was a dark and shadowy world, rife with folklore and spooky tales, some of which had pretty grim endings. There wasn’t much to do underneath those tall, tall trees other than daydream and make up stories.

Naturally, Catie grew into a purveyor of lies and legends. Drawing on her East Texas roots, her love of true crime, and her love of the paranormal, she began writing the Peri Jean Mace Paranormal Mysteries. She writes horror shorts on those dark days and moonless nights when the shadows beckon.

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