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Mirror, Mirror on The Wall

Monsters and Magic

I found this this interesting piece on the Mysterious Universe site the other day. The article is mostly about the prevalence of mirrors in ghost stories and other horror memes and posits that mirrors give us the “willies” because they are about the only place where we can see our faces. I must confess that I found the argument in the piece rather vague but there was some interesting information provided nonetheless.

The author of the article mentions that mirrors were used in divination but does not go too deeply into the subject. This tendency to skip over magical knowledge when looking at paranormal phenomenon is one of the frustrations of my life and part of the reason that I started this blog. Make no mistake, folks, divination, done properly, is a magical discipline and this magical discipline is one that can give us some answers as to why mirrors…

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  1. Ms. Weiss:

    Thanks very much for the re-blog and for your interest in Monsters and Magic. I hope others find this article thought provoking.

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