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The Witch Lake Chronicles

paranormal fiction

paranormal fictionParaYourNormal welcomes Lillian Bishop and Constance Williams, co-authors of The Witch Lake Chronicles.

Tell us about your latest book!

C – The Dreamwalker is the first installment in The Witch Lake Chronicles.  It’s the story of Sam Gardener who returns to high school after having been home schooled for a number of years.  Growing up hasn’t been easy for Sam, and he has had to battle with a strange and unusual ability which has left him scarred, both physically and mentally.  The story really gets underway when Sam meets Rhionnan – the spirit of a girl who died almost a hundred years beforehand and who has been trapped in the town ever since.

What prompted you to write this book or series?

L – Oh! Good question! What happened was this. I wanted to be an author since I was in first grade. I’ve been writing since then. My sister one day a couple years back told me that it was time to do something with my writing. That I needed to write a book. She gave me the push I needed to actually give that a short. Initially, I was doing one on my own, and had been planning to traditionally publish, but Constance sent me an article about a prominent self published author. We talked about it immediately, and we both had the same idea–we needed to do this together.

C – It was one of those things that, once we actually thought about it, we couldn’t understand why we hadn’t done it before.  We had been writing together for the best part of a decade.  We had literally hundreds of thousands of words and multiple stories to choose from.  The real question became not ‘can we do this?’, but ‘whose story do we start with?’.

L – The rest is history, we hopped right on board with that, and haven’t stopped since. My sister’s editing for us, and we’re having a great time giving life and an audience to our work.

What makes your book unique?

L – Well, first of all, with our particular genre, usually the main protagonist is a female, and we went for a male. While not unheard of, it’s not that common. What really makes our book unique, though, is that while we have traditional paranormal influences like ghosts, witches and werewolves, we also have some elements that you won’t find anywhere else–and plan for more of those in the series as it continues!

C – The feedback that we receive about The Dreamwalker almost always includes some comment or other that the book provides a new take on the genre.  We had hoped to be able to put something really different out there, and the word coming back tells us that we succeeded in that – which does, of course, make us really happy!

Why did you decide to write paranormal?

C – The short answer: it’s just a lot of fun!  We get to play around with all sorts of things that you can’t in a lot of other genres.  We play with dreams, with ghosts and spirits, with magic – it’s a real stretch of the imagination and fabulous for inspiring real creativity.

What’s your writing schedule? Do you have a favorite place to write?

C – Well, we write on different continents, so our schedule is kind of all over the place!

L – We pick here and there and mainly do big blocks of writing together on the weekends.

C – Plus, it involves lots of late nights and early mornings for one or both of us!  As for where we write – wherever we can get to with some kind of computer!  Collaborative writing software has been a godsend, and we tend to be early adopters of that kind of thing.  Compared to what we had to go through to write together when we first started out, these days everything seems so easy!

What’s next?

C – That one’s easy – Book Two of The Witch Lake Chronicles Series – The Protectors.  We’re editing it at the moment and hope to get it out towards the end of the year.  You can read the first chapter of the book at our website (though we would really recommend reading The Dreamwalker first, otherwise it will make no sense at all.  Plus the chapter contains spoilers!)


Witch Lake – a small, picturesque New England town nestled in a rich forest. The sort of town people drive past every day with a laugh for the oddity of its name. Off the beaten path – a quaint getaway, removed from the hustle and bustle of today’s society but not so far away that it’s out of touch. Quiet and contained, the history which branded it has been all but forgotten by the living, removed to the footnotes of history and the corners of the town’s library. But the living aren’t the only ones with an interest in the town.

Unseen, the spirit of a long-dead witch works to prevent disaster and preserve her descendants. Unnoticed, a young man with the power to walk in the dreams of others struggles to learn the truth about himself and his home. Unafraid, a shapeshifter who cannot control his power readies himself for the hunters he knows will come.

Their paths are linked between worlds of life and death, dream and waking, and truth and lies. Together, they must combine the bitter truth of the past with the courage to face the future, while there still is one.

About the Authors:

Lillian Bishop and Constance Williams have been writing together for over ten years now.  Until now, their audience has been friends and family, and their writing has been purely for pleasure.  They both believe that that is what is should be about – after all, if you don’t enjoy writing, how can you expect anyone to enjoy reading what you have written.

Unusually, Lillian and Constance do not live near each other.  In fact, they live in entirely different countries.  Lillian is American, Constance is British.  Their writing partnership began when they were introduced through a mutual friend, and they discovered that they shared a love of the written word, a passion for crafting stories, and a compatible style.  Now they are mostly found online – at very odd times of the day and night!


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