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Kandesky Vampire Chronicles Boxed Set: Review

paranormal romance

paranormal romanceIt’s a boxed set! You can now buy the first four of the Kandesky Vampire Chronicles in one bite, getting SNAP: The World Unfolds, SNAP: New Talent, PLAGUE: A Love Story, and DANUBE: A Tale of Murder for only $7.99 (as of this writing). If you’re looking for a fun, light-hearted romp through a world of vampires and fashion, you’ll enjoy the Kandesky Chronicles boxed set. [Tweet this!]

Instead of detailed reviews of all four, below we’ve reviewed the first book in the series, and following are blurbs for the other three. And now, onward to the review:


By Michele Drier

Book One SNAP

Rating: 5 Stars

Genre: Paranormal romance, urban fantasy

Who would not want to follow the adventures of Maxie?  She is bright, warm, energetic and totally work oriented.  She is a writer, an editor and after much hard labor conquering varied work situations she feels she is on the right track.  She has been made the managing editor for SNAP, a media conglomerate with offices all over the world. She is facing new challenges, new people and cannot wait to show how much she can do.  SNAP  has moved her to Los Angeles and given her an excellent financial package and a number of perks she had not expected.

Ms. Drier’s descriptions of Los Angles, New York and London provide just enough information to make them feel real.  Maxie is going places and getting the gossip out to the whole world.  She likes her assistant and the department heads that she works with. There even is a special attraction to Jean Louis the photography editor. She would like him to act on it, but he doesn’t.  This makes her aware that she has little to no personal life.

Then there are several incidents that make her think that the SNAP offices are different than any place she has worked in before. The administration goes out of its way to protect her and even provide an upgrade in clothing when she needs it to attend various functions. A bodyguard and driver are provided for her protection.

Then she and Jean Louis are taken by private jet to the Baron Kandesky’s home and she learns who she is really working for.  SNAP is a media empire run by a family of vampires who have had several lives over the years. Being a vampire is harder than ever because the enemies and demons still exist and with modern technology it is harder to move from one life to another when people are suspicious of your continuing youth.

Book One is a quick, adventurous, fun read and deserves five stars.  It forced me to examine my friends and neighbors to see if they retained their youth and charisma as my hair turned white. Even with botox and hair dye people are getting older.

Reviewed by Eleanore  Z. Korman

Here are the blurbs for the remaining three books in the set:

Book 2 – SNAP: New Talent

In the second book of the SNAP Kandesky vampire series, Maxie Gwenoch, media-savvy editor of the multinational celeb gossip magazine SNAP, is pummeled in Paris and kidnapped in Kiev as the Huszars ramp up the race to oust their centuries-old rivals, the Kandeskys.

SNAP’s owners, the Kandesky family of vampires, built the world’s most popular celeb coverage empire but this isn’t just a business take-over. These powerful vampire families lived with an uneasy peace for four centuries until Maxie came in to boost SNAP’s coverage and started making inroads into the Huszar’s traditional hunting territories.

Although Jean-Louis, Maxie’s lover, vampire and second-in-command of the Kandeskys, tries to keep her safe, Maxie is determined to do things her way, a way that may lose her her job, her love and her life.

Book 3 – PLAGUE: A Love Story

The third book of the Kandesky Vampire Chronicles begins the saga of the family’s start during the chaos of 14th century Hungary. When Stefan’s wife and infant son die in a minor plague outbreak, he has nothing to live for. So when Theron turns him into a vampire, it is just a way out of his anguish. But life – and death – has more to teach Stefan when he takes over the estate of a merchant, recruits Jean-Louis to teach him business and meets Lady Penelope Kandesky…

Book 4 – DANUBE: A Tale of Murder

The Kandesky management trio, Stefan, Jean-Louis and Pen, find themselves embroiled in a war with their rivals, the Huszars, which is bad for PR and bad for business, but after a judicious assassination they hammer out a pact.

This fourth book of the Kandesky Vampire Chronicles tells of peace agreements with their rivals and the growth of their now-international business ventures.

It also follows Jean-Louis as he meets and falls in love with a young artist, Magda, who desires travel and adventure but never imagined the world the Kandeskys inhabit.

Want to learn more about these paranormal romance/urban fantasies? Then check out our review of Book 5 – SNAP: Love for Blood!


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