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5 Star Review: Poed by Candy Korman

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paranormal books“You see my life is in danger.” [Tweet this!]

So begins Poed, a tribute novella to Edgar Allan Poe that places the reader in the role of Edgar Allan, reporter, listening to a tale told by the Director of The Usher Institute for the Study of Criminal Psychopathology – i.e. an asylum for the criminally insane.

It’s a brilliant book. The author, Candy Korman, understands prose and she understands suspense, and in spite of the horror of the stories, I found myself smiling again and again, recognizing themes from Edgar Allan Poe’s tales.

Is it paranormal? Definitely. There are ghosts and a woman who murders by magic. Is it today’s typical sexy paranormal/urban fantasy? No. Though a contemporary story, this is a love letter to the 19th century – though eminently more readable than most 19th century fiction. As such, it’s hard to classify this book or compare it to today’s popular fiction. Though the first person narration did remind me a bit of Anne Rice’s Interview with a Vampire – no sexy vampires, just grab-you-by-the-throat storytelling. I couldn’t put it down.

Who will enjoy this book? Lovers of Poe, and lovers of strong writing. It’s also short – clocking in at novelette length – a treat for those looking for bite-sized snacks.

5 Stars. Nicely done, Ms. Korman.

Candy Korman is a freelance writer living in New York City. The Candy’s Monsters series of ebook novellas inspired by horror classics, now includes The Mary Shelley Game, Bram Stoker’s Summer Sublet and POED. Follow her blog, Candy’s Monsters, here.


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  1. I LOVE that line about POED being a “… love letter to the 19th century.”

    Thanks so much, ParaYourNormal, for giving my hard to categorize novella a chance. I hope this helps new readers find their way to POED. It skirts so many of the popular genres without landing in a single one. But lovers of Poe, suspense and the supernatural should find plenty of fun.

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