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Hungarian Shamanism, Part 3: Memories


Elizabeth Barton

In Part 2 of our interview with Elizabeth Barton, we dug into the practices of the Hungarian shamans of her family. In this, the last of three articles, Elizabeth talks about prophecy, spell books, and explains how shamanic practices have shaped her magickal practice today.

PYN: What other memories do you have about your grandmother’s teachings?

Elizabeth: When my grandmother was dying, she was visited by very tall, seven-foot-tall people, dressed in red. They told her that they were the doctors and she wasn’t ready to go to the other side yet she had other people to help.  The nurses were the ones she had to work on before she left.  She told my mother, who told me, and believed they were inter-dimensional beings. My grandmother knew they weren’t from our reality.

My grandmother was good at prophecy, she told my grandfather about the 1969 moon landing in 1933. She used tarot cards. I think she picked this up from her servants – it wasn’t something that she was taught by her family, because she was definitely not a gypsy type. The pure Hungarians are blond, blue-eyed, and they talked about coming from the stars, as I said before.

The first time I got drunk, when I was a teenager, my grandmother, 50 miles away and with no friends in my town, called my mother and told her I was upstairs, drunk. Every time I was about to make a major decision in my life, my grandmother would tell my mother prior to me doing it. That was so aggravating!

When my mother was around 35, my grandmother gave her the family book of herbs and spells, saying, ”You’re mature enough to get some information from our tribe.” So she started teaching her the spells and herbal recipes, and also how to kill things with spells. Our neighbors had cows that kept breaking into our area and destroying her crops. She told our neighbor to keep them out and he didn’t. One day, all his cows were dead. The vet couldn’t find a cause of death – they weren’t poisoned, she just did a whammy. So my grandmother wasn’t exactly what you’d call a white practitioner of Magick. My mother did white Magick only. My grandmother did magic pro and con. My mother just did the good, and that’s how I was brought up.

A month after my mother’s funeral a boy named Ian came up to me and in awe told me this story.  Mom had promised to remove the warts from his hands by the next full moon.  She died before the full moon but on the day of the full moon all his warts were gone.

PYN: Whatever happened to the spell book?

Elizabeth: I don’t know! It was all written in Hungarian. I had it for a while and I don’t know what happened to it. Six people died in my family in a nine month period when I was 18 years old, including my mother; many things got lost.  I was decimated – it was the beginning of my shamanic training.  Quite often when one is to be a spiritual healer in this universe of opposites, one has to go through experiences that eviscerate them on a soul and sometimes physical level. If you make it through the gauntlet the mystical experiences start to happen and spirit guides come to teach you in the dream state.

PYN: Are you a shaman?

Elizabeth:  I don’t like the word shaman; I wish there was another word.  People think you can take a class and become a true shaman. You can’t. The Divine chooses you. Sure you can take a class and be effective to a certain degree, but the deep ability is genetic.

PYN: What else do you remember?

Elizabeth: When I was 12, we had a poltergeist in the house. At that time in the 1960’s, they didn’t realize that when girls, especially psychic girls, are going through the change (as with women going into menopause), that paranormal activity increases,  that physical objects start flying through the air by themselves, light go off and on, and light bulbs explode. You can tell your kid is psychic when you get poltergeists when they are going through puberty.

My mother at the same time as I was going through puberty did a couple of séances, because she was curious. She brought something into the house. Oops!

It was a hot August day.  I opened the front door and there was my Siamese cat in a fluff ball, growling and staring up the stairs. I picked her up. As soon as my head came in level with the second floor, the temperature dropped, I could see my breath, as soon as the cold air touched the cat it did a road runner on my chest. I still have the scars from her claws. And because I was a kid and didn’t know any better, I said, “Hi, ghost! Are you there?” as I went to get Band-Aids.  I heard my mother car drive up, went to and  looked out my bedroom window, my mother was looked up at me and she saw this thing standing behind me. She dropped the groceries and ran into the house and sent me to a neighbor’s, while she called my grandmother, who gave her some sort of banishing spell. The thing was gone when I got home.

PYN: How have you incorporated your early training into your practices today?

Elizabeth:  The way I used to feel the trees, I do that on people, I can feel the energy blocks and remove them.  Since I have most of the “Clairs” I used them to help people.  I do everything from past life journeys to entity removal.

In my yearlong Advanced Healers Class I teach people how work with the Angelics,  write Sacred contracts, use divining rods, pendulums, sacred geometry, how to use crystals properly on clients, remove psychic hooks, clear homes, use flower essences, basic Moon astrology,  chakra healing…and more!  This is the sixth year I have taught this course.  I love doing it!

I’ve taken all my experiences from being in a paranormal family to help other people who have unwanted Energy, entities or spirits in their homes or bodies.  I help people understand what the paranormal activity is and how we can fix it. One of my biggest challenges is a case I’m working on now: a house with poltergeist activity with full body apparitions attracted to the psychic children, who are autistic. We can’t get them to comprehend that their abilities are attracting these things because they are so young and rarely talk. I only realized they were psychic after I taught the mother to bring in divine white light and the little boy, who never talks, walked up to her and said, “You’re doing something with white light.” And when she learned how to work with chakras, he came up to her and said, “You’re doing stuff with color.” She gave them crystals and they both held up the crystals to the light – something they’d never witnessed others do.

Whatever faith the people are, I use that. In this case, the mother wasn’t a practicing Catholic but that’s what she was brought up with. One of my team members is a Catholic, and he got a quart of holy water to help cleanse and seal the spirit entry points. We made a deal with the good spirits in the house to act as guardians for the kids, and then we went about getting rid of all the negative entities, spraying the holy water, and doing an incantation. It worked until two weeks ago. The spirits used to bang on the walls in the hall, and two weeks ago the mother reported they started banging on the fence. She heard a voice in the head saying, “We’re back.” She looked out the window and saw shadows by the fence and her young son started screaming. They were stuck outside the house and couldn’t get in. But they’ve figured out a way to reconnect with the boy. So I’m probably going to have to make some black salt, go back, and use that to create a new boundary.

For anyone that has these abilities, psychic/mental hygiene is a must.  [Tweet this!] Thoughts are things.  I connect to the Divine most of the day by prayer and my angel and guides of the highest light.  A negative thought by a shaman type can take on form and attack the person.  So I say to myself a lot, “I walk in the light of love.”

An aside here, for those of you who call Angels to assist you, it is best to say “Angels of the light” or highest light. There are dark angels, and you do not want them to show up!  Intention is rarely as strong as the spoken vibration of words.

My blessings are countless; it’s hard for me to believe that I have been self-employed, doing what I love for 13 years! I love what I do; the astrology, the healing, the clearings, the lectures and classes, the seven-layered labyrinth retreats for women.   If you want to know more about me go to my website:  My next retreat is Aug 23-25th, 4 spaces left.  Astrology session by Skype and in person.


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