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Wolf Moon: Review

paranormal books

paranormal books

Title: Wolf Moon

Author: Nikki Broadwell

Genre: Contemporary/Urban Fantasy/YA

Publisher: Airmid Publishing

What if your life had been prophesied? Would it be a blessing? Or a curse?

In Wolf Moon, the third installment of the Wolfmoon trilogy, Maeve Lewin meets the mother she’d thought was dead. But added to the disorientation of coming to terms with the woman who gave her up as a child, Maeve is told that she’s the child of a prophecy, and the salvation of the Otherworld. And by the way – she’s got very little time to make the prophecy come true.

The author does a good job of projecting Maeve’s frustration and annoyance, without making her come off as whiny. This is a classic “hero’s journey” story, with the hero – in this case, Maeve – spending the first part of the book rejecting the call. And under the circumstances, who can blame her? The “grown ups” are frankly annoying, and not at all sympathetic to the fact that she has a life outside their prophecy.

Even though the book is placed in a contemporary setting, and could be classified as an urban fantasy, its driving elements are classic fantasy: a quest, a super villain, and Celtic goddesses. Wolf Moon is the third installment of a trilogy, and I found it a little challenging to “catch up” with the world that had been built, but it is doable. The author writes in a simple style, with a good sense of dialog and place.

A modern fantasy with a heavy environmental theme, Wolf Moon is probably best enjoyed by those who enjoy YA novels and who’ve read the first two books in the trilogy – The Moonstone and Saille the Willow.


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