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Author Interview: Roxanna Rose

paranormal books

We welcome Roxanna Rose, author of Desires to PYN!paranormal books

PYN: Do you plot ahead of time, or let the plot emerge as you write?

Roxanna: I let the plot emerge while I write. I usually start with an idea, throw in some emotion-producing music and a movie will start to play out scenes in my mind. I just have to take notes fast enough to keep up.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s day or night when I see the images; if I don’t write them down immediately then they are lost forever. I keep a pen and pad with me at all time. Once I start to write the story, any ideas I don’t use will go in the idea box to possibly be used in a future story.

How did you develop the names for your characters?

Roxanna: I researched the ancient Celtic meanings of names and picked my names accordingly, matching the meanings with their personalities.

Sex scenes?

Roxanna: Yes, there are sex scenes, but they are not graphic.  Keeping in mind that this is a young adult book, I wrote the scenes in such a way that if you are naïve about sex then you will know what I am talking about without being given every detail. If you are older and reading the book, your own imagination will fill in the places I did not as you will know EXACTLY what I am saying.

How did you decide on the setting?

Roxanna: I have been draw to Glenariff Forest in the Glens of Antrim Co., Northern Ireland even before I knew there was such a place. When I came across it during researching I knew the story had to start in the Glens. I guess that would be another example of the story writing itself.

What’s next?

Roxanna: “Malevolence” will be the second in the series to be released later this year, followed by “Sacrifices” in early 2014. I will also be writing another book (possibly series) on a Native American legend from the Pacific Northwest. It will definitely be paranormal fiction. I also have Idea boards up for an epic paranormal/fantasy novel of Celtic origins and one steeped in voodoo that already gives me the chills and I haven’t even started the rough draft yet.  This year and next year are going to be very busy.


And now, an excerpt from “Desires (A Legacy Novel)”paranormal books

Horror-stricken at the sight before him; her beautiful face spattered with crimson droplets. Hazel eyes stared frozen in a sightless state of fear and disbelief; just as they were at the time of her death. Once again coming conscience surrounded by blood, Greagoir could remember nothing. As much as he tried not to look, he could not stop his gaze from traveling down the naked body he straddled; coming to rest upon the cavernous hole in her chest where her heart had once been. The knife handle protruded from between her breasts; the blade had been driven in with such force that it stuck into the floor planks beneath her.

Thrusting a trembling hand up to his mouth to hold back the vomit that rolled in his stomach was almost too much as it proved to be covered in her blood. It was then Greagoir heard them. In a darkened corner of the room, the three enormous crows were shredding something with their sharp, bloody beaks…it was her heart.

He scrambled from the grisly scene; violently he projected the contents of his stomach onto the floor. One of the giant crows had begun moving toward him. A black haze swirled around it, transforming it into a woman with raven black hair. Bare, in all her natural beauty, except for the cloak of black feathers and the crimson liquid smeared down the front of her. After all these centuries, the sight of her repulsed him.


You can find the book on Amazon, here.


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