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Plague Nation: Review

paranormal book

paranormal bookTitle: Plague Nation

Author: Dana Fredsti

Genre: Thriller (zombies)

Publisher: Titan Books

A virus. A mutation. A conspiracy.

I received Plague Nation, the sequel to Plague Town, from the publisher Monday afternoon. Bleary eyed and jittery, I finished it at midnight. And that night, I had zombie-fueled nightmares. Which pretty much tells you everything you need to know about Plague Nation: non-stop action, engaging characters, and zombies, zombies, zombies. [Tweet this!]

Ashley and her crew are doing zombie cleanup in the small northern California town of Redwood Grove, seeking out stray zombies before they can infect others. But outbreaks are popping up around the country, and it becomes apparent that there is a sinister hand at work, one which may have reached inside the zombie-hunting organization Ashley is a part of.  Complicating matters, Ashley’s teammate and on-again/off-again lover, is acting bizarrely.

The action eventually shifts to San Francisco and the scenes in Golden Gate Park are… amazing. The author lives in San Francisco, so she’s nailed the feel of the place.

If you like action and thrillers, you’ll like Plague Nation, though I would recommend reading Plague Town first because a) it’s also a great read, and b) sometimes it’s nice to read things in order.

Note: the reviewer received this book as a gift from the publisher.


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