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Review: Esmerelda by Judith Leger

paranormal romance

Title: Esmereldaparanormal romance

Author: Judith Leger

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Length: Novella

A lonely home in the mountains, a mad caretaker, and a haunted, life-size woodcarving. This historical paranormal romance has plenty of twists for a novella-length story.

A widow named Glory and her daughter live together on haunted Witch Mountain. Glory owns a family heirloom, a life-size carving of a female ancestor, which is kept in the shed where it slowly deteriorates. When her daughter claims the carving moves, Glory chalks it up to childish imagination. When her caretaker claims it attacked him, she suspects he’s mad or drunk. But when she sees the statue move, she begins to wonder just how safe her childhood home remains.

Add to this a tangled romance with her late husband’s best friend, and this makes quite a nice little ghost story.

If you like romance and a bit of paranormal creep, you’ll enjoy Esmerelda.


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