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Donna Hawk: Author Interview

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PYN welcomes author Donna Hawk to the blog! But first, here’s a blurb of her latest YA, Where Darkness Walks.paranormal books

Clarie’s world is about to change for the darker. Clarie couldn’t believe it when her boyfriend broke up with her, not only breaking her heart, but doing it at the prom. However, when she uncovers a secret in the hidden back of an armoire, and meets Patrick, who is determined to help her forget her broken heart, she starts to realize that things could definitely be worse.

…and she’s about to figure out exactly how much worse things can get.

As Clarie evades classmate Bulldog’s stalking, she and Patrick explore the dark halls of an abandoned cement plant. After following Clarie and Patrick deep inside the cement plant, Bulldog confronts Clarie as he fights with Patrick. When she is accidentally pushed against a set of dark doors into the shadow realm of Mortgatha, everything she fears is set into motion to keep her away from her beloved Earth world. Even with Patrick’s help, the doorway home moves randomly, evil characters beset them at every turn, and the way home seems farther away than ever.

PYN: Why did you decide to write a paranormal?

Donna Hawk: I like the idea of getting to explore worlds that don’t really exist. I can have them be whatever I want. I like the idea of magic and the unexpected.

What genre does your book fall into? 

I think it would fall under YA fantasy. The MC is sixteen, she is crazy about a boy, but there is nothing in the story you couldn’t let a 7th or 8th grader read and I think anyone above the age of 12 would love it!

What prompted you to write this series?

It is a trilogy. The other two are already written and awaiting editing.  I wrote a series because I have had a zillion people ask me to write a sequel to my first two books and to be honest, the story ended there and I didn’t know what I’d do to keep it going. With this book, Where Darkness Walks, I wrote it knowing it would be a trilogy. I really liked writing about the same characters. I’ve grown to like them quite well.

Do you consider your book character-driven or plot-driven?

Um, plot driven, I guess. There is a lot of action in the story and the characters are doing something all the time. However, they are victims of circumstance, and so in that way, I’d say plot-driven.

Do you plot ahead of time, or let the plot emerge as you write?

I try really hard to plot ahead of time. I write notes to keep my facts straight. Sometimes my characters go off in a tangent and I have to reel them in.

How did you decide on the setting?

I wanted a dark world where things weren’t so scary you couldn’t show your face, but there was always an element of fear. They are always fearful, but not to the point of hiding. That said, I wouldn’t want to live in Mortgatha, just saying.

About the Author

My name is Donna Hawk. I’ve been a middle school teacher for 33 years. I taught Reading, mostly, but also I’ve taught a variety of things: paranormal booksyearbook, photography, creative writing, social studies… the list seems endless. I truly enjoy that age kids. I retired two years ago because I wanted to devote time to writing. I live in a small town, on a farm with my husband, a dog, and a whole bunch of cows. I know everyone in town, so writing is a good way to escape! I am also an avid photographer.



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