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Author Interview: Kelli McCracken

paranormal romance

Today we interview paranormal romance writer and author of the Soulmate Series, Kelli McCracken.paranormal romance

(PYN) Why did you decide to write a paranormal?

(Kelli) There are many unexplainable things in the universe that we can’t answer. Most people think those things don’t exist or can’t happen if there is no logical explanation. I disagree. I’ve always been a philosophical person. Someone who asks the ‘what if’s’ in life.  Not everything can be explained. Some things just are. I like creating my own version of an ‘explanation’ for these myths and strange occurrences.

(PYN) What genre does your book fall into – paranormal mystery, paranormal erotica, para-romance, urban fantasy, YA?

(Kelli) It’s definitely para-romance. I get mistaken for being a contemporary romance author all the time. My books don’t have ‘heavy’ paranormal elements like vamps or werewolves. I write on the lighter side, but my books are far from contemporary. I like contemporary, I just don’t write it.

(PYN) What prompted you to write this book or series?

(Kelli) I originally started writing my Soulmate Series when I was 13. If I had a dime for every time I revised it, well, I wouldn’t be a millionaire, but I’d definitely be loaded 😉

(PYN) Do you plot ahead of time, or let the plot emerge as you write?

(Kelli) It emerges as I write. Most of the time, I get the initial idea of the story and I usually have an idea of how it will end, but everything in between comes as I write. My characters just show up on the scene and start telling me things. It’s quite extraordinary. Almost like an out-of-body experience.

(PYN) How did you develop the names for your characters?

(Kelli) I wanted my heroine’s name to be different. There aren’t many Heaven’s in the world. I liked the name and decided to use it, but it wasn’t until the story started unfolding during the last revision that I realized there is more to her name than I originally thought.

With most of my stories, I’ll grab a baby name book or hit the databases online, but it’s not as simple as seeing a name and thinking it’s good enough to use. It has to ‘feel’ right before I’ll use it.

(PYN) What’s your writing schedule? Do you have a favorite place to write?

(Kelli) I used to stay up late and write while my kids and husband slept, but I found that the older I get, the less I can burn the candle at both ends. Now I start my day with coffee, a walk on the treadmill, and then writing. As far as my favorite place to write, it doesn’t really matter as long as I can view the outdoors. I normally sit by windows or on my porch swing.

(PYN) What’s next?

(Kelli) I’m currently working on the first book of a new series. I’m hoping to release it this summer and then book three of my Soulmate Series will be releasing later this year. I have many more stories to write. I don’t know if I’ll get all of them out before I die (someday), but I’m going to try.

About the Author:paranormal romance

When Kelli McCracken’s not writing, she’s usually looking for duct tape for her inner critic’s mouth. Or begging her characters to let her sleep. When procrastination strikes, you can find her hanging out on Twitter, or her secret group on Facebook.

Speaking of secret groups…want to get updates on Kelli’s latest project, sneak peeks, and exclusive material? You’ll get that and more in this private fan group. Message Kelli on Facebook for details.




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