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Love for Blood [Review]

paranormal romance,review,booksTitle: SNAP. Love for Blood. Book Five in the Kandesky Vampire Chronicles.

Genre: Paranormal romance

Author: Michele Drier

A witness. A trial. Protective custody. But when happens when the goons hunting the witness are supernatural? [Tweet this!] Can Maxie stay alive long enough to testify against a vampire prince, and sort things out with her vampire lover?

Maxie Gwenoch is managing editor of SNAP, an international gossip conglomerate. But there’s much more to the job than high fashion and celebrities. The business is run by vampires, and Maxie’s obligations include aiding her employers in a centuries old battle against a rival vampire clan.

Love for Blood is the fifth book in the Kandesky Vampire Chronicles. Since I hadn’t read books 1-4, the first chapter were a bit disorienting. However, since the book opens with Maxie having lost her memory, it works. She’s disoriented, too.

The plot is strong and fast-paced, with new challenges (romantic and otherwise) around every corner. I had a hard time putting the book down, and found myself reading long into the night. [Tweet this!]

Though Maxie’s relationship with her vampire lover is fairly well-established at this point in the series, the author manages to keep things fresh. And there’s a level of reality and maturity to the relationship that I appreciated. The character development, as Maxie comes to realize her life is changing and must decide how or if to cope with it, is strong.

I wish the book had been better edited, but it didn’t distract from my enjoyment of the book or the characters, and I look forward to book six, due out soon.

Love for Blood is a light, fast-paced read, which will appeal to someone looking for a fun escape into vampires, Europe, and fashion.

You can buy it here on Amazon.

Visit the author’s website: or facebook page, or her Amazon author page,



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